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Orbit The Social Sharing Drone

Orbit is a social sharing drone with precise auto-follow

Drones are now known for a big hit of the decade. They are coming in use in many places as we have dreamed and expected

Duplex iPhone Case

Duplex case is an iPhone case that doubles up as a Phone

Carrying two smartphones has been an utter urge of people due to the lack of dual SIM in iPhones. How would it be to have


ZOE is a Smart Home Hub that gives importance to privacy

Smart homes should be the one last wish by the people for this generation. It came true since these smart home hubs like Samsung SmartThings

OPTO VR Headset Colors

OPTO is an Ultra Lightweight VR Headset with Built-in Speakers

There is a vast VR world out there which is still in lots of making. VR content is growing and expanding beyond just games, with

Ottm Wood Band for Moto 360

Ottm is the hardwood alternative for your Smartwatch strap

Have you ever got a thought to change those straps of your Apple, Android, and Pebble Smart watches? Some have scuffs on their straps, a

Ripplebuds earbuds

RippleBuds are noise-blocking earbuds with in-ear microphone

Everyone in this world has been through this phase of life that when you receive some important calls then when you are out there in

Mighty Player

Mighty is a water-resistant iPod Shuffle alternative with offline music storage

Ever got fed up with those large and heavy smartphones or the MP3 players that you carry to just listen to music while doing your

BAM tracker

BAM is an affordable tracker and smart button, working with Smartphones

Many people out there have been sick of losing their valuables such as luggage at travel stations, missing kids at a crowded place, and someone

OLO 3D printer

OLO is a 3D printer that works with Smartphones, and costs $99

OLO, the company based in the US has come up with a 3D printer that can print 3D objects on the go, with a smartphone.

AuraVR Pro VR Headset Strap

Virtual Reality: What are the best uses of it?

Virtual Reality is picking up at a great pace, and things aren’t limited to the wide view photos and videos, and you shouldn’t be turning