The smartphones in the Indian market are coming in at a pace at which you are always confused when you are on a hunt for the best one to purchase. We are constantly asked by several readers for suggestions on the best smartphones and they have a fixed budget for the same.

To make it easy for the users, we are putting out some lists based on different price ranges and with some minimum requirements that many readers wanted to see on the smartphone. For example, a budget smartphone needs to have at least 4G connectivity and 1GB of RAM. Check out what each list consists of, to see if you can find the best phone for the budget you have.

Best Smartphones under 5000

Best Smartphones under Rs. 10000

Best Smartphones under 15000

Best Selfie Phones

Note: Most of our lists are made based on the phones that we have used, so if you are not seeing some phone that you might have liked, it is simple that we are not recommending it only because we have seen it to be not as good as the other ones listed there, or we haven’t used it at all and don’t want to be biased towards a product without knowing the real-life performance of it.