Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter

Polaroid Zip (Zink Instant Photoprinter) lets instantly edit and print full-color photos

Photo printing instantly after taking a picture is not something new, but Polaroid doing that is worth a notice. Polaroid

Goodspeed 4G mobile hotspot MF900

Goodspeed 4G mobile hotspot MF900 from ZTE is a roaming hotspot solution

The Goodspeed 4G mobile hotspot MF900 is made in association with ZTE, and it offers international data roaming in affordable


VU TViST Speakers bundled with VU TVs, are Sound Bars with Bluetooth

Vu Luxury Televisions-California has launched a new speakers called TViST Speakers (Television Integrated Sound Technology) and these are said to

Yeelight bedside light

Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp with 16 million colors costs about $40

We all have loved Xiaomi for their offerings. Xiaomi entered the Indian market with their Smartphones, and quickly gained all

Galaxy S6 Edge

Best Battery Packs for Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are two of the hottest Android Smartphones available out there

Thunderbolt 3 from Intel

Thunderbolt 3 from Intel supports USB 3.1, comes with USB Type-C

Intel has just unveiled the new Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, and this is going to take advantage of the USB Type-C

USB C Port

What is USB Type-C or USB-C Connectivity – Explained in Detail

Apple’s new MacBook 2015 comes with the new USB C connector / port. This new USB port might be annoying