Reflexion App

OnePlus releases Reflexion, a photography app for iOS and Android

OnePlus recently launched its new smartphone named the OnePlus X. The world was just enjoying that device and the company came up with a new

Boomerang Instagram

Boomerang app from Instagram helps share 1-second videos

Instagram can be found on every smartphone, whether it be a celebrity or a teenager, everyone is having Instagram on their smart phones. With the

Youtube Music

Youtube’s Youtube Music App will take on Spotify and Apple Music.

Youtube is about videos, but not every user would keep their eyes stuck to their phones to watch a video when they just want to

Google Play Music Family Plan

Google Play Music Family Plan costs $14.99 (per month) for up to 6 members

Call it an inspiration, or copy, but the pricing and count of family members allowed by the new plan announced for Google Play Music, is


Mirrativ is an Android screen live streaming app made by DeNA

DeNA Co., a Japanese mobile game and Internet company has taken live streaming on mobile to a different level, with the launch of a new

Microsoft Translator App

Microsoft introduces Translator app for iOS and Android

Microsoft has entered into another segment which Google was ruling, with their introduction of Microsoft translator app the company is taking on the Google Translate

Stagefright Android Check

App tells whether your Android phone is vulnerable to “Stagefright” hack

News about security issues flow around at the quickest pace, and the latest one about Android device security is worth noticing, as over 95% of


Best OTG File Manager Apps for Android

Nowadays, no matter whether your Smartphone has an external SD card slot or not, having USB On The Go (USB OTG) support is very important.