Micromax Dual 5 SecureVault

What is SecureVault and how to use it on Micromax Dual 5

While announcing the Micromax Dual 5, the company stressed on how much Privacy and security is important for them and how secure the phone is.

Protect iCloud account

How to protect your Apple iCloud account from hackers

A hacker group based in London names itself as “Turkish Crime Family” has recently claimed to have hacked into about 250 million Apple iCloud accounts

Android Trojan

Trojan named Ghost Push in the Play Store affects 900000 devices

Beware! A new trojan has been detected on Play Stores named Ghost Push and it is as terrible as its name. What’s even worse? Indians

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon Smart Protect malware protection technology

Qualcomm has just announced a Snapdragon Smart Protect technology to be used in the upcoming chipsets, keeping the data security in mind. Introducing improved privacy

Stagefright Android Check

Motorola phones to get update patch for “Stagefright” vulnerability fix

If you haven’t heard about Stagefright hack vulnerability already, you should now, since it isn’t that small an issue. About 95% of the Android devices

Stagefright Android Check

App tells whether your Android phone is vulnerable to “Stagefright” hack

News about security issues flow around at the quickest pace, and the latest one about Android device security is worth noticing, as over 95% of