Noodoe Smartwatch with “No Features” wants to take on Apple Watch

Former HTC CTO, Mr. John Wang’s startup Noodoe unveiled their first product which is apparently a Smartwatch with literally “No Features”, aimed at taking over the

LG Watch Urbane

LG Watch Urbane Announced in India: Specs, Price and Features

The LG Watch Urbane is LG’s latest entry into the Smartwatch category. The Watch Urbane was announced back in February just ahead of the MWC

Apple Watch Versions

Apple Watch Battery Life Results and Power Reserve Mode Details

When the Apple Watch was first announced, it was all about the battery life of it because the initial talks about the battery draining just

Withings Activite Smart Watch

Withings Activite & Activite Pop compatible with Android, Google Fit for fitness tracking

Withings has made two beautiful watches in the recent time, and these two aren’t just watches but much smarter than that. They track your fitness

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble Time is the next-gen smartwatch with color display and slimmer design

Pebble is one such smartwatch people would remember for being one of the earliest of them in the world of wearables. It was launched back