Inkjet Printer vs. Laser Printer: Which is the best for home usage?

    At one point, getting a laser printer was expensive and one would settle down for inkjet printer for their home usage, although sometimes, there was no need of a laser printer but the cost difference made users think about it. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we are seeing laser printers at almost the same price as the inkjet printers.

    You might always want a very basic and hassle-free printer for your home usage, where you don’t print very often and expect the printer to not give you a hard time using it even if regularly. Now, to choose one of these two types, you will have to understand where they fare better than each other, and then choose one based on what your use case is.


    How does the printing happen?

    • Inkjet printers sprays the liquid colors onto the paper, through microscopic nozzles.
    • Laser printers use a toner cartridge and a heated fuser to do the printing, and the cartridge has a fine powder of the color.

    Considerations while choosing a printer

    • Cost of the printer
    • Printing cost per page
    • Printing speed
    • Text print quality
    • Image print quality
    • Color printing quality
    • Size of the printer
    • Ease of Cartridge replacement
    • Ease of cleaning the printer

    Inkjet Printers are available in different types, though the functioning is the same – photo printers, document printers, and All-in-one (which does copying, scanning, and printing).

    Laser printers also have the all-in-one option, but you might want one if it is a heavy office use, and here, we are choosing one for home purpose. The Laser printers are good at quick printing of documents, which might be a point of consideration for you.

    Inkjet printerHow is Inkjet Printer better than a Laser one?

    • Although laser printers are cheaper, when compared with the laser printers having similar functionality. Sometimes, if you needed an upgrade or if the current printer broke down, you won’t have to spend a lot getting another.
    • All the inkjet printers (not the All-in-one) are smaller than the laser printers, and they ask for lesser space than other type of printers, and since this is for your home desk, you might not want the large printers to eat up the space.
    • Better photo quality: Because the inkjet printer sprays liquid onto the paper, getting a good color photo printed is possible on these printers.
    • The inkjet printers are easier in cartridge replacement. You would just need to replace them more frequently than on the laser printers, but it isn’t really a cumbersome task to do so.
    • The inkjet printers can print on different types of papers, including glossy photo papers, and it is possible even to print on a fabric cloth if needed.

    Laser printerHow is Laser Printer better than an inkjet one?

    • These printers are more efficient than the inkjet ones, so you get more prints for the same amount paid on a cartridge, and thus the cost for printing per page is lesser with this type of printer.
    • If you are someone printing quite a lot of papers for bills, and if speed is important most of the times, you might want to get a laser printer as the speed of printing is better here.
    • Lesser need of cartridge replacement – It really isn’t easy to replace the cartridge in a laser printer, but if we are strictly talking about printing at home, you know it won’t be a regular business to change the cartridge, and the cartridge in laser printer lasts very longer than the one on inkjet printer.
    • Document printing is a lot better through laser printer, as it is capable of producing sharp prints when it is only text that you are printing.
    • If it is a high volume printing that has to be done at once, you will not regret getting a laser printer over an inkjet one, because laser handles the job better.

    Some other points to consider

    In most of the cases, the laser printer seems to be noisier than the inkjet ones. The sound is disturbing enough to not let you talk on the phone nearby it.
    While we said that the laser printers are excellent at black text printing, they don’t do a bad job in color print, but the cost for color printing is comparatively higher.


    Since we began this comparison strictly with “home usage” in mind, we end this by saying that although laser printers do a better bulk printing and black text printing, and they need lesser number of cartridge replacements, they won’t be the ideal choice for home usage because the inkjet printers can print any type of content with ease, and the cost of printing color is lesser, and it doesn’t cost a lot to change the cartridge.

    Moreover, the price of inkjet printers offering almost the same features is lesser than the inkjet ones. Again, while we suggest one, you might still have your own use case and should end up taking a laser printer, and it all depends on the pros and cons for both of them. Keep in mind about the volume of printing too, where large number of pages to be printed, can be handled and done well on the laser one.

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