Lexus Hoverboard “Slide” to be launched on August 5th

    Lexus has been teasing with its idea of making a hover board from quite some time now, recently in June Lexus had revealed some of the details about the gadget in which they revealed how and what makes the hover board actually hover above the ground.

    The hoverboard is said to use a combination of magnets and superconductors which are known to produce a lot of heat and are kept cool with the help of liquid Nitrogen, the liquid nitrogen not only acts to cool the heating super conductors but also brings the wow factor by releasing constant mist from the board. With the presence of the magnets and the super conductors, it is not clear if the board will work on any surface or only on magnetic tracks.

    Lexus Hoverboard

    The Slide seems to be a byproduct of the research being conducted by Toyota which is the parent company of Lexus which has been working on a hover car based on the magnetic levitation trains in Japan. It is quite cool that Lexus which had earlier mentioned that the hoverboard details will be launched in October 2015 has preponed the launch and are going to make it public on August 5th.

    Earlier sometime back there was a start up company which had made a hoverboard and were giving paid rides to people who wanted to use the hoverboard and see how it felt. The Hoverboard technology might look very costly not very useful at this point of time for daily use, but this might be the start of the technology to improvise and make it even more better.

    At this point of time it is said that the hoverboard works only on special surfaces, you will not be able to cruise around your neighbourhood on your Slide hoverboard like seen in the movie Back to the Future. It will be interesting to see how much the Lexus Slide will be priced and if a special surface is needed how will it be made available to the user.

    Varun Pandula
    Varun Pandula
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