Phicomm Energy 653 is one of the cheapest 4G smartphones in India right now, and it comes with a HD display, though the price is kept quite low at Rs. 4999. Internally, the Energy 653 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor at 1.1GHz, and there is Adreno 304 GPU along with 1GB of RAM. The Energy 653 comes running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with the Expect UI.

We performed a few important benchmark tests to know whether the Phicomm Energy 653 is powerful with the specs, and whether it is capable of handling heavy jobs that you might do on regular usage. Following are the tests and results.

Note: Benchmark scores not always talk about the real performance, but these still would give an idea if things are going on as they are supposed to run.

Phicomm Energy 653 Benchmarks

Phicomm Energy 653 Benchmark Scores

  • Phicomm Energy 653 AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 15622
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Quadrant Standard Benchmark Score: 1772
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Geekbench 3 Single Core Score: 296
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Geekbench 3 Multi-core Score: 969
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Basemark OS Overall score: 422
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Basemark X score: 3634
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Vellamo Metal Score: 692
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Vellamo Multicore Score: 950
  • Phicomm Energy 653 GFX OpenGL Manhattan score: 3.8 fps
  • Phicomm Energy 653 GFX OpenGL Manhattan offscreen score: 1.8 fps
  • Phicomm Energy 653 GFX OpenGL T-Rex score: 9.0 fps
  • Phicomm Energy 653 GFX OpenGL T-Rex offscreen score: 5.1 fps
  • Phicomm Energy 653 Nenamark2 v2.4 score: 47.9 fps
  • Phicomm Energy 653 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited score: 4222
  • Phicomm Energy 653 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme score: 2537

These all tests were conducted after closing every background app, and ensuring that the phone is running stable, just like it would after a fresh reboot.

USB OTG Support test in Phicomm Energy 653

The device doesn’t support USB OTG connectivity, and we checked 8GB and 32GB drives, both undetected, and thus you won’t be able to take advantage of OTG, though for storage, there is a MicroSD card slot provided in the Phicomm Energy 653.


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