How to use Google Drive to easily Scan and Save Doc Files

    The best part of using Google services is that almost every Google service is interlinked with one another. For example, you can directly save an attachment from your Gmail to Google Drive, similarly, all the photos stored in Google Photos are also backed up to Google Drive and so on. This kind of tight integration is indeed one of the major reason for the success of Google’s services.

    And the Google Drive plays an immense role in this integration. Google Drive gives its users with a lot of convenient functionalities and features, that sets it apart from other cloud storage services available out there.

    One of the least utilized feature of the Google Drive service though, is the ability to scan all your important documents directly from Google Drive and then back it up to your Google Drive account.

    If you are interested to know about how to scan and backup all your important documents using the Google Drive application, then below is a simple guide on how to do so.

    Scan Save Documents Android

    • Open the Google Drive application on your Smartphone.
    • Click on the “+” icon which can be found at the right bottom corner of your screen.
    • From the menu that appears, click on the “Scan” option.
    • Now the camera application will be opened.
    • Scan your required document and then do the necessary adjustments like cropping and aligning.
    • Once you finalize the scan, the scanned document image will be automatically saved to your Google Drive account storage. And you will be then able to either download or share the image whenever you wish to.

    Hope you found this simple guide useful. In case of any queries, please leave them as comments below.

    Akhil Pulotil is a 21 year old CSE undergrad with immense love for technology. You can follow the latest tech updates shared by him here, and also follow his personal Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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