Android Wear for iOS

Android Wear now works with iPhones (iOS 8.2+)

Great news for iPhone users who wanted a smartwatch, but not shell out money for the Apple Watch. Android Wear is the only alternative one

Google Life Sciences Contact

Alphabet’s Life Science team from Google X is their First New Company

The Alphabet Inc. company president Sergey Bin announced that Life Science Company will be working under Alphabet with Google X, in his blog post last


Google OnHub is a smart Wi-Fi router for $199.99, made by TP-Link

If you have an idea about routers and the best brands around it, you surely should have heard about TP-Link. That particular brand is partnered

Android Marshmallow

Google Android M is Marshmallow – Official Name for Android 6.0

Google has revealed the Android M name as “Marshmallow” the announcement was made on twitter by Dave Bruke from his twitter handle @davey_bruke twitter. Google

Alphabet Inc

Alphabet Inc., Google’s new CEO and everything around it – Explained

There would rarely be a tech enthusiast who didn’t know about the founders of one of the world’s largest companies Google. From a search engine

Android One

Google to change Android One plans, phones below Rs. 3000 to be made

Android One is one such project that came in with loads of excitement, but later, it didn’t get the value it deserved, thanks to the

Google Maps Directions send to phone

How to send directions from PC to Android Phone or Tablet using Google Maps

No matter how advanced the Smartphone or tablet devices out there get, some people still likes to play around and even surf the web using

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel, Cheap and Powerful Laptop Unveiled – Specs, Price

Google’s own Chromebook Pixel machine has always been the “Nexus” of the Chrome OS. And for some time now, we have been expecting a new