Top 5 Windows 10 Features to Drool Over

    Windows 10 is probably the best upgrade Windows has ever received. It came packed with a ton of features that you can use on your computer but don’t get confused with the technical words backing their explanation. In this short article, let me make you aware with the Top Windows 10 features that will make you drool and want Windows 10 today! If you don’t have Windows 10 yet, read our guide on how you can get started with Windows 10 upgrade today.

    Windows 10

    If you have already started using Windows 10, you might wanna look at the customizations that you can do to your computer, or the best ways to customize your Start menu to your liking. Go ahead and read those posts right now.

    #1 Return of the Start Menu

    Default Start Menu

    The return of Start menu is by far the best feature that everyone is excited about in Windows 10. The Start menu was something that people liked to use in the Windows operating system, but Microsoft replaced it with the Start screen in Windows 8 and 8.1. But with the return of Start menu, Microsoft has made a lot of people happy.

    #2 Task View and Virtual Desktops

    Task View

    Task View and Virtual Desktops are something that I’m personally really excited about. Task View gives you an overview of all your open applications and windows with small live screenshots of them and Virtual Desktop, as the name suggests allows you to create a Virtual Desktop on your computer to segregate your work into different Desktops for better productivity. It can be accessed by pressing Win Key + Tab or the Task View icon from the taskbar.

    #3 Action Center

    Action Center

    Would you like to have a place on your computer where you can see all your notifications from various apps and also access your quick settings at the same time? Well, Microsoft has you covered in this aspect with the Action Center. The Action Center is available as an icon in the taskbar near the clock on your computer screen. It looks like the icon highlighted in the image above. When you click it, you can access the quick settings and notifications directly from there.

    #4 Continuum

    Continuum is an awesome feature for people who use a Microsoft Surface or a Laptop which can double as a Tablet, i.e. can be detached from the keyboard. The Continuum feature basically automatically detects when your computer is attached to a keyboard and when not. If it is not connected to a keyboard setup, it turns your computer into a Tablet interface for you to use it with your Touch Screen easily. When you connect back to the keyboard, it will automatically go back to the Desktop interface with your confirmation.

    #5 Cortana for Desktop

    Cortana - Windows 10 Features

    Cortana is a voice-enabled search assistant that was available on the Windows 8.1 phones till now. But now, Microsoft has made it available on Windows 10 for all devices and it is soon coming to Android and iOS as well. It works really well and is claimed to know what you’re looking for even before you need it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should go ahead and try it today.

    I know the Windows 10 features that I listed above made you drool and forced you to get started with Windows 10 at the earliest. Do let me know in the comments section below which feature you liked the most and why.

    Aneesh Bhatnagar
    Aneesh Bhatnagar
    Aneesh Bhatnagar is a Website Developer, who enjoys Tech as much as anyone can. He calls himself an Android Geek and a Microsoft Windows Lover. Apart from developing websites, he likes to read and write about technology as much as he can.

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