The majority of wearables that are available today, would be the ones you wear on the wrist and let it count the number of steps you walked. These fitness trackers might do a little more and track your sleep patterns, but the ultimate goal can be reached by the person who aspires to get fit, is by motivating himself or by getting motivated by people close to him.

We could list out a number of fitness trackers available for very low cost in India, but one that we might recommend especially for the Indian users, is the Fitgen Trek. Fitgen is a health and fitness provider, and Trek is the first activity tracker the company has launched.

Fitgen Trek

Fitgen AppHow is this different in tracking steps? It actually isn’t, and doesn’t have to be. The Fitgen Trek band counts steps and movements of the person to motivate the user in indulging into more activities. Two reasons why this might be better than others, are as follows.

  • In-built Indian food menu in the app, so that one can get to enter the food from any part of the country, and then calorie consumption count is shown. Most of the fitness trackers these days don’t include a lot of Indian food.
  • The app for Android and iOS helps the user connect with friends, family members and communities around fitness, and with this, they can keep a track of each other’s activities and fitness levels, and motivate each other.

Motivation is added with leaderboards and communities that users can create by adding each other, and notifications are also sent to users on how much percentage of goal is left for the day. We are unsure whether one can change the goal, but the default number set for the user is 10000 steps per day.

Social connect through apps is not very much available for fitness trackers currently. The addition of that in Fitgen Trek is a good one, and the band has a display to show the number of steps walked during the day.

The Fitgen Trek fitness tracker is priced at Rs. 5999. It works with both Android and iOS devices, and apps are available on both, Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.


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