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The Team

Allow us to introduce you to our awesome team.

Chetan Gizmo TimesChetan Bhawani likes to call himself as the “head” here, but he alone isn’t. Before Gizmo Times came to his mind, Chetan has been into tech blogging since more than half a decade, and he was the Sr. Editor at PhoneRadar, founded, and then decided to give this a go. Technology is in phones, but phones alone don’t represent tech. There’s a lot apart from smartphones that the technical world relates to, thus Gizmo Times came as an idea to talk about everything “tech”!

Varun Gizmo TimesVarun takes care of stuff around content as much as Chetan does. He primarily reports about events, announcements, launches, and occasionally shares opinions about the current ongoings in the smartphone arena. He’s a Dentist, just like Chetan is. He’ll be the one taking some cool pictures of gadgets that we review!

Contributing Authors

Akhil Gizmo Times Aneesh Gizmo Times
Aneesh and Akhil are the contributing authors who mostly indulge into smartphones and laptops. They complete the team for now, and they’ll be the ones you might want to follow for the development stuff around Android and Windows.

Want to join the team? Contact us, we’ll be happy to have you on-board.

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  1. Good initiative. My best wishes. Would like to join your team at some capacity in the future, but for time being let be your criticiser, which may help you to improve. I am Delhi based and if you need any help from me i would be delighted to do so.

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