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BlackRock registers for iShares Ethereum Trust in Delaware, market reacts positively

Continuing its foray into digital asset services, BlackRock, a $9 trillion asset management giant, has officially registered an Ethereum Trust in Delaware. The firm, renowned as one of the world’s largest asset management entities, had earlier made headlines by filing for a Bitcoin ETF with the SEC. The subsequent registration of BlackRock’s iShare Bitcoin Trust came just a week before the groundbreaking ETF filing.

BlackRock, maintaining its status as a major player in the digital asset industry, created a buzz with its initial announcement of the Spot Bitcoin ETF filing. If approved, this ETF would be a pioneering move in the United States. The firm’s recent exploration of digital asset options includes the registration of an Ethereum Trust in Delaware, confirming earlier speculations. Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas labeled this move as the “first step towards filing for a spot Ether ETF.”

The anticipation of BlackRock filing for a spot Ether ETF has long intrigued industry observers. Such a filing, once realized, would not only validate the firm’s position in the market but also underscore its confidence in the long-term potential and impact of digital assets.

Following the Bitcoin ETF filing, BlackRock has consistently expressed optimism about the asset’s potential. Despite the SEC acting as a hurdle to the first approval of such offerings in the U.S., many anticipate a change, with approval predicted to materialize sometime this year.

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