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Best Aptos NFT projects you should not miss

Aptos with its scalable Layer 1 blockchain is already doing well since its mainnet launch, and the initial month already saw a good amount of NFT projects, following the huge hype that the testnet had. Now, we’ve talked about the best Aptos wallets to use if you want to have a grasp at how things would run on Aptos network, but once you are done with that, you should be using these to participate in minting the Aptos NFTs or buying them in the secondary market.

As usual, we are early in sharing with you the best NFT projects on Aptos that are already working on building the community and sharing their vision with the users, and here are some hand-picked NFT projects on Aptos that you should surely check out and not miss having in your collection.

Best NFTs on Aptos (Updated December 2nd, 2022)


Mavrik Roadmap

MAVRIK is aiming at building quite some unique stuff in the Aptos ecosystem, majorly around community buildup and innovation. Roadmaps are text-based usually, but MAVRIK laid out the entire roadmap in the image shared below for you to guess what’s coming, and there for sure is a lot to expect from this project.

Some of the quick plans shared by the MAVRIK team include working with Ghost Kids DAO to create a Boonties platform that will help users have their own raffles, and staking will be done here. Once the mint is completed, there would be cars airdropped to the holders, and these can then be customized, sold, or traded and finally, can be used to race with friends on the web3 space. Based on the chat we had with the founding members, this is just a single page from the book of plans they have for the MAVRIK project, and the mint price is set at 5 APT and the mint is to happen on 7th December, on Topaz.

Join the Discord server and you’ll get to see a lot of Alpha being dropped from time to time, for you to be more excited about this project, which could help make things even better on the Aptos ecosystem.

Lemur Lounge

Lemur Lounge is an evolved way of gamifying NFTs. This is a play-to-own ecosystem that the team here is building and the ecosystem will be revolving around the $LNGE token. Interestingly enough, there will be a token-gated attribute shop in The Lounge where new limited collectible drops will be dropped for the holders to purchase, and there will also be common, uncommon, epic, and legendary asset packs.

Lemur Lounge

There’s a pretty solid roadmap laid out by Lemur Lounge for the potential minters and holders of the collection, which you can check out here. It includes staking after the launch, lounge shop, and trait marketplace in the first place, followed by a lot more, and if this works, it will be changing the way Aptos NFTs so far have been, because while a couple of projects are working on leveling up of the NFTs, but someone bringing interchangeable traits and shopping of the same can change the game entirely.

A total supply of 7777 NFTs will go on sale with the mint price of 2.7 APT each. The date originally was set for December 7th, but we will update the page with whatever the final date is.



This collection is minted. Spooks aren’t only an NFT project. It actually represents Web3 and focuses on the community with the tracking tools for the Aptos ecosystem. Having things ready a long before the mint actually tells you why Spooks is one project that will define the goodness in the Aptos NFT ecosystem with definitive work done by the team while some cool art is owned by the users.

The Spooks are a collection of cool spirits with the mission of providing value and benefits to the entire Aptos ecosystem through a wide range of analysis tools that can be used to explore and examine each project on Aptos.

The products that are already being worked on include Spooks List (a curated list of projects on Aptos), Drops calendar (a calendar showing the information of mints, pricing, supply, etc.), and the Mixer that lets users build their own NFT by choosing between more than 150 different attributes.

Rekt Dogs

Rekt Dogs

Rekt Dogs is currently one of the biggest communities already on the Aptos network. Its Twitter following has crossed 27000 while on Discord, it is close to 6000 members actively participating for a chance to get to mint the Rekt Dogs NFT when the Aptos network goes live.

Rekt Dogs is a web3 brand born in the bear market to reward and support the builders and believers who keep building through bumpy times. The total supply mentioned by the team is 10000 Rekt Dogs and the mint date is set to the launch of Aptos Mainnet, i.e. the team is set to launch this collection on the same day when Aptos goes live.


While there are projects that accompany themselves with tools and utilities, some are so unique that you indulge yourselves in their art and concepts. Bulan is one such mention in the list, and this could be one that might take the Aptos NFT ecosystem forward with the likes of AptosMonkeys, Bruh Bears, and others.


Bulan is an African-themed project, creatively backed with a concrete idea of balancing community engagements through art and value through user-oriented utilities. The concept behind the unique gods hopes to leverage the already established platform in the NFT space to change the narrative about and enlighten people on the history & culture surrounding African deities.

There will be 111 unique hand-drawn African gods for its primary collection, followed by a larger supply for the Gen 1. Bulan has put out their whitepaper for interested users to read and know what is in the plans.

Aptos Undead

Aptos Undead

This Collection is Minted. Aptos Undead is a collection of boneheads shambling to connect collectors & build quality on the Aptos ecosystem. Launching through the Topaz Marketplace, Aptos Undead will have a total supply of 4444 NFTs. There is a roadmap set into three segments, the first one including partnerships, prototyping, website, and social media launches, followed by the NFT collection launch, value generation, launch of the DAO, and then a future collection that will be a free mint for the holders of the first gen NFTs.

The timeline of the launch and the mint price is yet to the revealed but Topaz is where the launch will happen. The art looks really good and could be the first reason why you should be interested in participating in the mint or getting one in the secondary market. Interestingly, the art is made by a team that worked on Angry Birds and FrozenByte.

Follow Aptos Undead on Twitter
Join Aptos Undead on Discord

Infected Mice

Infected Mice

This is another free mint project, with a limited supply of just 3333 mice making it something worth checking out. When we talk about free mints, we don’t look a lot into the details because you don’t spend anything, but on the secondary marketplace, people who are looking to become an owner, that’s where the roadmap becomes important. The Infected Mice project has NFT tools, Merch store, Bluechip raffles, and holder rewards in the future after the mint is completed.

This is one of the OG projects on Aptos with over 20000 Twitter followers and a good growing community on Discord, and you will have to give some time to get whitelisted in order to be able to mint one for free.

Postman DAO


Postman DAO comes with a concept of Aptos Postal Service for the NFT holders to bring happiness and deliver it to them. With a well-laid-out roadmap including the development of the community of postman holders, followed by Сollaboration with leading NFT marketplaces and collections, and then the introduction of $Mark Tokens for the holders.

It is a total supply of 10000 Postman NFTs and the community around PostmanDAO is growing rapidly with interested people trying to get a chance to be whitelisted to get ahead in the line and mint one when Aptos goes live.

Aptos Monkeys

Aptos Monkeys

This collection is minted. Cute collection of Monkeys with Jungle vibes looking to live on the upcoming Aptos Blockchain. This is one of the very hyped projects with almost 10000 Discord members already while writing this story. There are certain morals followed by Aptos Monkeys that include Community, nurturing a caring, vibing and energetic community looking to further the brand and the Aptos ecosystem, and Broader Outreach, creating a brand that native Aptos members can use to connect and build connections for further ecosystem growth.

Aptos Alpha Alpacas


This collection is minted, with a 1782 supply. A community of 3333 (initial, but the mint was stopped at 1782 supply) Alpacas vibing and moving on the Aptos Blockchain. The Alpacas has one of the fastest growing communities on this upcoming platform and there are three pillars that represent the project’s drive and goal in the space: Premium Digital Collectible of the Aptos Ecosystem, Community of Alpha Alpacas & Cash Flow Utilities. The Alpacas want to be seen as one of the OGs of the blockchain, and they aim to have a shared revenue with the “Pacas” and step aside from the PFP meta that most NFTs revolve around.

The Alpacas community has over 10000 Twitter followers and over 5000 members on Discord, and the number is increasing by the day.



An Avant-Garde NFT Collection that comes with Streetwear – Digital and Physical. According to the description on their server, InSilva is more than an NFT collection. It is a brand with NFTs at the core of the experience, but it is also an evolving & engaging narrative world that parallels the problems we face in our own lives outside of the metaverse. Through allegory, this story mirrors the trials & the hopes of its community.

InSilva has grown to have more than 7000 followers on Twitter, and over 4000 Twitter followers. In our eyes, this could be the Azuki that ETH chain has, and the community growth is similarly good with InSilva.

puppybears NFT


With a community on Discord of over 12000 members, puppybears is a collection of NFT that is going to launch through the Topaz marketplace, and the major pointers of interest for the project are community, vibes, and fashion.

There is a whole good gamification system set in place for those who want to get Whitelisted, i.e. puppylisted in the server, with points for different activities, and the art itself being made by a team of Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Netflix, and Amazon animators makes people more interested in puppybears.

Aptos Human Club

Aptos Human Club

This collection is minted. The Aptos Human Club is a collection of 7777 Human NFTs on the Aptos Blockchain. The project already has tested the minting of the collection on the Testnet and the holders of NFT on the testnet will be able to get the Whitelist for the minting on Mainnet.

With over 5000 followers on Twitter, the Aptos Human Club is offering several ways to get the WL spots. There is a roadmap already placed for users to understand what to expect from the project – Staking to get Hmn tokens, and that will be followed by Human Club marketplace and launchpad, and the future has an actual game in the plan too.

Aptos Koalas Army

Aptos Koalas ArmyThis collection is minted. Koalas are one of the cutest to have in the collection. The Koalas Army on Aptos is growing in terms of community and partnerships before the mint, which is going to happen on BlueMove, which is the official minting partner for the NFT collection.

With over 5000 members on Discord and over 13000 followers on Twitter, Aptos Koalas Army is one of the NFT collections you should try getting whitelisted in, or try to get one on the secondary market when the minting is done.

Aptos Punks

To talk about them easily, these are Punks on Aptos blockchain. But there’s a lot more to it than this. The project team explains themselves as “Our inspiration for the punks comes from the inception behind its ethos. The punks are a movement of rebels which go against the ‘status quo’ and are made up of many subcultures each of which has their own beliefs and ideologies.”

The ones in the NFT space know how good Punks can be as an NFT in your portfolio. Aptos Punks already has a good community built on their social platforms, with over 6000 followers on Twitter and growing each day.

Thing NFTs

Thing NFTs

The Collection is Minted. While most of the NFT collections rely on the initial mint cost for developing whatever is being offered in the roadmap, some projects don’t charge you anything and offer the NFTs for free and that makes it a whole different thing. Thing NFTs is one such collection that is coming with zero mint cost, i.e. every mint will be free of cost and it is one of the well-growing communities in the Aptos NFT ecosystem.

The roadmap includes collaborations ahead of the mint, and the mint is followed by rarity charts and then the launch of $THING token that will be for stakers, as well as being available for raffles. Honestly, for a free mint, one wouldn’t jump into big details but still, there is a well-laid-out roadmap given here by the Thing NFTs team.

With over 21000 followers on Twitter and over 16000 members on Discord, Thing NFTs will surely be a thing to notice and track around its launch and release of the collection. It will be interesting to see how things will unfold around the mint time, but if you visit the Discord server, you will see how active the chat up there is.

Aptos Ant Club

Aptos Ant Club

Aptos Ant Club is a collection of 10000 unique ants on the Aptos metaverse. The project is aimed at building a strong community and offering a Web3 brand identity for all holders. OG & WL Holders will be able to mint it first and exclusively during the minting process.

Inspired by the Sci-Fi movies and Star Wars, the ants do have a good element of design added to each of them. Having a team from Europe and South East Asia, the Aptos Ant Club members have an experience in digital marketing and they bring in inspiration from the actual ants that can hold many times their own weight, and that’s the commitment and hard work NFT projects should have.



This collection is minted. This is what Aptoads says about itself as a project: “To our knowledge, we are the first community-oriented collection establishing ourselves on Aptos! We believe the best and brightest minds are headed to Aptos and this select group will find themselves sharing alpha, building community, and partaking in degenerate activity”

This, in fact, is one of the faster-growing projects with over 20000 followers on Twitter and the same on Discord as well.



This collection is minted. These are 1000 unique Unicorns NFT on Aptos, and the few utilities that the team has mentioned include NFT holders receiving discounts and premium features in some other projects, Private access to discord chats and channels with alpha, Exclusive WL, NFT and crypto draw, and airdrops, and even NFT staking.

The social media presence of Unicornses has been growing with over 12000 followers on Twitter while writing this.

The Uglies

The Uglies

The collection is minted. The Uglies is the first Ugliest NFT on Aptos, renewed with dark forces from Aptoka (a planet from the metaverse where Uglies dominate). The team has planned out the roadmap for the NFT holders, including uglies DAO, the creation of an official token of Aptoka, exploring the metaverse, and collab with other projects to create a bigger and stronger community and become more powerful.

With over 6000 Discord members and over 10000 Twitter followers, the Uglies do have a growing community and the NFT art itself says for what it defines itself as.

Aptos Goblin

Aptos Goblin

THE MINT IS CANCELLED. The Goblins is an army of 3333 Aptos goblins who aim to share the revenue amongst the brotherhood and advance forward towards becoming the most supreme community in the Aptos network with unique rev-sharing utilities. With a well-laid roadmap, Aptos Goblin has four phases with the first phase going on right now with the reveals of the website, roadmap, and the collection going live, followed by the creation of a Goblins Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the creation of $GOB tokens, raffles, and more.

The Aptos Goblin community is growing in numbers and is rated as one of the top 10 in most of the tools that rate Aptos NFT projects. With over 7700 Twitter followers and over 16000 Discord members, Aptos Goblin is one of the NFT projects you shouldn’t miss trying to get into early.

More NFT Projects to check out on Aptos

  • Aptos Chads
  • Bruh Bears
  • Aptos Drippy Dragons
  • Womxn of Aptos NFT
  • Aptos Ape Society
  • Aptos Bulls
  • Aptoast
  • Heroes of Aptos
  • Aptos Aliens
  • Aptos Koalas
  • Aptos Robots
  • Lil’ Dragonz
  • ZAP – Just a PFP
  • Retro Boys Club

Note: This list will keep updating whenever we find more information about the projects. You can contact me on Discord Chetan#7559 in case you wanted to list your project here.

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