Mythical Creatures Dragon

Mythical Creatures NFTs coming into the Metaverse with Mythical Dreamland P2E Game

Mythical Creatures is a new hot NFT concept that is going to land into the metaverse through a Play-to-earn game that is going to launch

Fury of the Fur NFT

Fury of the Fur is a story-driven game-ready NFT collection with over 1000 traits

Fury of the Fur is a 3D NFT collection that is story-driven and has a total of 9671 NFTs that are rendered in 3D with


MetaPopit is a P2E game on Ethereum, centered around MetaPopit NFTs

The name, MetaPopit, means popping out from the rocks. That’s what leads to the inception of MetaPopits that are unique characters that a part of

C-01 art

Warner Bros designer Gilberto Zaragoza launches C-01 NFT project with limited 8888 supply

The NFT world has seen some excellent art and some of them backed by super-good teams and plans for the future, but only a few

bored bunny nft

The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT – Hype, hype, and nothing else!

Bored Bunny is one of the recent NFT projects that one would want to see as an example to avoid. It did bring in profits


HAPEBEAST could be the next blue-chip NFT project you shouldn’t miss

NFT collectibles in the Ethereum blockchain have seen some blue-chip ones including the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Mutant Apes, but what is launching


Solana NFT sells for $2.1 million, highest price for artwork on this platform

SolanaMonkeyBusiness, a collection of 5000 artworks did hit high numbers as soon as the project was launched and the minting was done, but the highest