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Best wallets for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs – Web wallets, Extensions, etc. for BTC & Ordinals

As we write this, the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT ecosystem is growing slowly and has already seen over 600000 inscriptions within a couple of months. Since we are too early, the way these Ordinal NFTs can be inscribed, purchased, and sold is a little tricky and marketplaces are trying to make it easy for the users, but the base for everything is a wallet.

A few Bitcoin wallets work with the marketplaces and help with the Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions and marketplace trading. These are the ones we recommend.

This is one of the wallets that don’t have a web extension, and through their website, you can not just create the Ordinal address but also inscribe an NFT on the Bitcoin blockchain. This wallet allows users to store, send, and receive BTC NFTs.

There are some good security features attached to the Ordinals Wallet, and that includes multi-sig support, two-factor authentication, and cold storage options. The wallet also shows the entire history of whatever was done in the address.

When creating a wallet on OrdinalsWallet, you need to save the seed phrase at some place safe because since this is a wallet within a website, it can log you out when you restart your browser and you would have to use the phrase to log in back again.

Link for Ordinals Wallet:

If you want an actual web extension for the Bitcoin Ordinals wallet, you should be checking out the Hiro Wallet. This was one of the oldest wallets for the BTC Ordinal NFTs, and it works perfectly fine for sending and receiving BTC and tokens on this chain, but it has a tricky way of receiving BTC Ordinal NFTs.

You will have a separate address for receiving Ordinal NFTs, so there’s a bit of a learning curve for the users that are trying out these types of wallets for the first time.

If you want to receive an Ordinal NFT on Hiro wallet, click on Receive and you will then have to copy the address that says “Ordinal inscription”. The other addresses are for other purposes, so don’t share those.

Hiro Wallet Receive Ordinal NFT

Link for Hiro wallet:

This is another good Bitcoin Ordinals wallet, just like Hiro. It has most of the features that a Bitcoin wallet should have and on the top, it has the options for both Bitcoin and Stacks addresses. Also, if you want to receive a Bitcoin Ordinal NFT, you will get the address for the same from the Collections section.

Xverse rather has one of the neater interfaces in case you like to understand stuff easily. In the Xverse wallet if you want to receive the Bitcoin Ordinals, go to the NFT tab, and there, you will have the address for the Ordinals.

Xverse wallet receive Ordinals

Link for Xverse wallet:

There are a couple of other wallets too, but because Bitcoin Ordinals itself is new, it’s good to choose one of these only.

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