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Sui Ambassador Program

Sui Ambassador Program is live – For education, growth of Sui Community | Details

Sui has announced its ambassador program to help educate and grow the Sui community, just ahead of their recent announcement of the Sui token sale and early access program for those who were in the Sui Discord community before a set date mentioned.

The Sui Ambassador Program has applications for four types of ambassadors.

  • The Educator – Individuals who enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise
  • The Creator – Individuals who enjoy creating content that breaks down complex concepts so everyone can understand
  • The Energizer – Individuals who love to bring the community together and make meaningful connections in a fun way
  • The Organizer – Individuals who build community through planning and executing amazing gatherings

The ambassadors are public-facing community representatives. These ambassadors will receive support and resources from the Foundation to assist with their promotion of Sui.

What to Expect as a Sui Ambassador

As a Sui Ambassador, you will be a public-facing Sui community representative. You can choose your own path for how to contribute. Of particular value to our community would be:

  • Crafting articles, guides, and blog posts
  • Hosting Sui community events and meetups
  • Giving presentations and speeches
  • Educating and amplifying through social media
  • Helping out with community management
  • Designing infographics
  • Creating videos
  • Engaging in other creative efforts to empower and educate the community

What You Get as a Sui Ambassador

Ambassadors receive a number of perks as participants in this program. These include:

  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Invitations to events and potential travel opportunities
  • Work closely with the Foundation team members
  • Priority access to Foundation activities
  • Exclusive swag
  • Discord role + badge
  • …and more

The Sui Ambassadors would be writing, articles, guides, blog posts, designing infographics, or creating animated videos. They can also be responsible for hosting community events and meetups, or help with community management, sharing presentations, or educating and amplifying through social media. The Sui Ambassadors would also work as mentors in helping uplift the community.

How to Apply to be a Sui Ambassador?

The applications for the ambassador program are open, and you can apply by going to the following link – Click here.

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