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Announcing AptoRobos – A Curated Community for Aptos Enthusiasts

AptoRobos will be a curated community of 1111 Robos as I’d be calling them, on the Aptos blockchain.

I’ve been planning this for a long time, thinking about the need for this when there are communities within each NFT project out there, and how will I be different. But, I always also had a reason and the major one is this – I would want the community to have a transparent face to reach out to, for any help or guidance they seek, a shoulder for the support they might need, an ear for when users want to vent out frustration, and before all that – educate the users on taking the right decisions for what they do in the world of Crypto and NFTs.

Gizmo Times is where I talk about NFTs and I have been doing that in the Aptos space specifically. To add to that, I have been active in all the Aptos NFT project communities to see what holders and probable buyers look for, and that’s why I wanted to build the space for them to feel like being in a safe haven, a happy place where they can be chilled out at times. And that is the reason AptoRobos is here. The name clearly means what it is – Robos on Aptos. Robos are us. We wake up, work, and have a little social life. Sleep.

If you remember the recent FTX Collapse, the Luna collapse before that, and the other horror stories in the Crypto industry that took down thousands of retail users to zero from some good positions, that’s when you feel that being alone in this space is very hard. You need to have friends around you, a network that shares the pain at the same level where they share the joy at some good moments. I want to have that network in AptoRobos.

The communities in Aptos are not huge, but still, since there are some very good projects out there already, there’s scattering and I am someone spending time almost everywhere, learning and sharing. Having the best minds in one place is what I am at – but that’s the major utility – Community. The community itself would be the first utility, while I always will be rewarding people with generosity and without expecting back much, since I have seen people grind hard, for more than half a day every day for weeks to just be able to get whitelisted for a mint where they end up going into losses too. Time and money, are both in vain. I have been doing the best of my writing to help people in the Aptos ecosystem, help with the research, help bring newer people in here and make them feel at home the moment they are here (trust me, it’s not easy for anyone to enter a new chain). But, AptoRobos is where I personally will be available for the holders to get some hot alpha, knowledge, and maybe get back the same. That’s the reason why COMMUNITY will be the biggest utility.

This will be a free mint. I wouldn’t want anyone to spend their money in being a part of the community, unless you got in late and still wanted to, once we are minted. And that’s when the community decides what they are selling it for. The reason for this being a free mint is that I won’t promise things that I won’t deliver and offering fake promises is the worst anyone can do for people. What we have seen from most of the best projects so far is that they stood up to what they promised, and that can be seen from how the community is responding.

No promises, but we will aim to have one of the best communities in Aptos, and maybe make people enter the ecosystem of the next best chain by reaching into our community. AptoRobos won’t just be another free mint for fun, I promise. I am giving my 100% time to it, already.

I won’t stop writing about Aptos. The researched articles, the stories, and the tweet threads will stay. It will only get better with AptoRobos community being involved in it. I have said this a lot of times, and I repeat it – Do not trust project owners or founders, or team members talking in support of, or against any other project. You will always get blinded by doing that. And I still will be the same, transparent, and blunt because this community I am building is not an NFT project that is competing with the others. It is a community that will drive those NFT projects forward, instead. It is a community that will help understand the newer projects, interact with them, host private discord talks only with holders involved, all of which will only help Aptos ecosystem become bigger and better.

Soon, I will detail the distribution of Whitelists, and the reason for each, and as I said, I don’t want random DAOs to approach me for the whitelist slots as filling up slots randomly is not what I want. It will be some fun ways for people to win whitelists. Games, Quizzes, or some other random ways where you people don’t have to grind. So, stay tuned on my Twitter as well as on AptoRobos Twitter.

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