What Aptos NFTs do I own for 2023 (and why you should too)

    The Aptos blockchain has seen some initial stumbling weeks for no fault of its and still has held itself strong to prepare for the better times when there will be a massive adoption of the APT token and the Aptos network itself in the NFT ecosystem.

    I have been curating and listing out the best Aptos NFT projects that you should take a look at, do your research, and either mint or buy one from secondary to get into the Aptos NFT culture and see where it heads when the market conditions get better. Here, let me list out the best Aptos NFTs that I own, and am looking forward to how these go, with the trust I have in each of them. And of course, I don’t go based on numbers, and I am in touch with the founders of mostly every project that I am listing, so as to make myself comfortable talking about them with confidence.

    You are in for a long read, especially if you are new and need to know what is happening in the Aptos chain. Tap on the names below to jump directly to that segment.

    Aptos NFTs that I own, a bag full of them


    AptomingosThe only regret I have here is that I hold only one of these, and I joined in very late. Of course, this is one of those that have held a solid floor and for its own reasons. Aptomingos could have raised funds, and charged any amount they wanted, given the date of their launch and the prime Aptos hype, but they chose against it and went with an experimental free mint, so there’s no liability, to begin with.

    According to Fischer, it was an intention to keep any risk away from the potential long-term investors who were coming into Aptos for its capabilities and community. When asked if not charging anything for mint would stop him from executing any plans that he had in the long-term, “the number one priority was always just to solidify a strong community built on transparency and trust, and then build from that foundation. I’ve always thought as long as I work hard and have good intentions, the money will sort of come eventually.”

    Honestly, this gave me a different vibe when I entered the community. Not very active, but most people knew why they were there. A couple of days in, I told Fischer that I felt he gave vibes of Frank from DeGods in the Solana community, who is ready to take up any challenge and just speaks out without thinking much, knowing he isn’t manipulative.

    The entry point might be high for new entrants into the Aptos ecosystem, but when you get a chance, you should be happy putting the 40-odd APT into this.

    Aptos Monkeys

    AptosMonkeysThe first Aptos project I minted was AptosMonkeys. 7.77 APT mint price, supply of 7777, and they sold out pretty quickly and made good numbers. Not good, great numbers actually, with one of the days being the top traded ones across all chains. But hey, you hold an NFT for not its trading value but for the value it offers to its holders, right?

    AptosMonkeys has been working on different tools and utilities. One of the first tools that is now widely used by the Aptos ecosystem is the Rafflor where users can put in their NFT for the raffle and anyone can participate, with holders getting a discount too for every ticket purchase. There’s a lot more planned too, and the best part is that the team is proactive in listening to the community and they do believe in bringing the entire ecosystem together for the vision ahead.

    One example of that is the MonkeArtist competition they just started, with 1/1 artists being recognized, rewarded, and their art being sold among the Aptos NFT enthusiasts.


    SpooksFor me, Spooks is a project that will stay here for a long time and deserves more respect than they get for the price and mint movement. The team had decided to offer each mint at 9 APT, which seemed high for many but fundraising is a way for the teams to actually develop things that they have in the roadmap. I know I might sound biased here, but that is the fact.

    Spooks is not just an NFT project that made a list of the best projects, people, and companies on Aptos. That was just a start, and that was a pre-mint tool that they already made to show what they are capable of. They plan to become the leader in the Aptos space in terms of offering on-chain analytics, data points, and charts for NFTs, tokens, DeFi, and everything that will help not just users but also projects to analyze and come up with the best based on the data available.

    Of course, for someone who has no understanding of these things, they’ll frown upon themselves for minting a Spook because they lost out in the pump-dump-take-profit-exit game. But, for those who believe in Aptos and in the larger picture, at least a couple of Spooks should be in your wallet as some of these tools will be available only to the holders.

    Bruh Bears

    Bruh BearsBruh Bears is an interesting story since the day it went into existence before the official launch. Built on hype, it was maintained until they minted out and went into secondary, and then, at one moment, people started asking – what do you have in plans? where’s the roadmap? do you really have something to show us or was this just hype we invested in?

    The funniest part is, the Bruh Bears community has so many holders that think like the team itself. They don’t care why they invested and have the trust that there is something being worked on in the background. In fact, they have come up with a unique staking system named Taverns where you stake your Bruh Bears and they keep leveling up. Where this is headed, is a mystery. There are factions, i.e. subDAOs that are running already, which again revolves around the same community aspect where people are fairly involved and enjoying the vibe.

    Yeah, and a shoutout to one of the team members, i.e. Zero. The man rarely seems offline, and he sometimes just randomly starts a VC just to show what he’s working on, and that gives an assurance that no, Bruh Bears isn’t that hype and dump that it is tagged as, by many on social media. I have a few Bruh Bears in my wallet, and I keep checking for some good FUD to add one or two whenever the price dumps.


    MAVRIKSo, MAVRIK came in as a project that was betting on the Aptos ecosystem for what it offers, and they have their roadmap pretty solidly placed for the future. But the start was rough, from the initial issues with the mint and then not being able to mint out on the first day, but this is the first project that is determined to keep the mint open until they sell out.

    A total of 5000 NFTs with 5 APT per mint, and personally, I feel they took a good decision to leave the mint open, because, 1. Aptos still is growing and will have new investors on daily basis, slowly and steadily going up, 2. They need funds, like any project. Abruptly stopping the mint and saying that’s enough isn’t going to work if you are betting on making a lot of things that you promised.

    One of the other reasons to be bullish on MAVRIK, for me, is that they have what it takes to bring people in from the other ecosystems, especially Solana. No, we aren’t fighting wars between networks here, but then having people into a new space is possible if you invite them from the well-established ones. I’ve got a small bunch of MAVRIKs in my bag, and they won’t be visible in my wallet as I staked them all. That’s right – The team had staking live on the first day while the mint was happening, and this staking isn’t just for the sake of it. The tokens that are being given there will be a part of the gamification they are setting up.

    Pontem Space Pirates

    Pontem Space PiratesThis was the first-ever Mint-to-Earn NFT, and it came from Pontem Network, that’s a brand backed by Mechanism Capital, Kenetic Capital, Delphi Ventures, and the notable Animoca Brands. Many who don’t dig deeper into things would take Pontem as just another Aptos wallet, but that’s a small part of what Pontem Network is working on.

    They are behind Liquidswap, the first DEX and the biggest AMM on Aptos currently, and the wallet works quite well too. Pontem has already launched the Android and iOS wallet apps too. Now, whether you should get a Space Pirate NFT for yourself is not something I’d suggest because it does have a high entry point right now, sitting around Aptomingos in terms of the floor price, but I am holding one, not for a flip but for being involved in what Pontem has to offer, and while they gave 1000 NFTs as a free mint, the collection did over 38000 APT in volumes on Topaz. I’m just excited to see what Pontem Network would do with these, and will it have some great utility in the times ahead.


    BulanArt is on the next level. And these are a total of 111 NFTs and each is a 1/1 because each represents a god in the African culture. I wanted to have one since the time I got to know about Bulan, and I am not really sure what they have in the plans, but I am holding one for the art, and probably for a set of good people in there with a vibe.

    I had a quick chat with the co-founder and found out that they are working on the Art Gallery, which should be up very soon. Also, the Gen 1, which is the larger collection, will be revealed very soon because many who loved the art and didn’t get a chance to get the 1/1 would be able to have a hand on one of Gen 1 NFTs.

    Aptos Rats

    Aptos RatsI regretted not getting to know about this earlier. Aptos Rats comes with a deflationary concept where the NFTs get burned whenever a partnered project has to use the Aptos Rats verification system. The partner project has to own the NFT and burns it, alongside a small fee for the usage of the tool. Aptos Rats right now has a holder verification system for Aptos projects, and it is quite well used by a few projects already.

    Not just this, Aptos Rats in their community does some fun games and puzzles for the holders, and it is a small fun community, and given how they have some great plans in the process, you would not regret having a few of these in your collection.

    Aptos Land Genesis

    Aptos Land GenesisAptos Land is the first-ever Metaverse on Aptos, according to their Whitepaper. Also, if you read the whitepaper, you’ll see they have some definitive plans that they are actually capable of getting things done, based on how they did with the holder verification system. These are genesis passes that are available for a good price right now, and these would give you lifetime access to upcoming tools, and also a claim of an AL Meta pass, a free claim of land plots, and a lot more.

    Aptos Undead

    Aptos UndeadThey have a game in the plans, and they did share some sneak peeks of the same. Sold out 4444 at 1.44 APT, and though they are trading below the mint price, I would see that as an opportunity for those who wanted a lower entry point. Something called the Crypt, which will be an NFT-based game experience, so I am holding a few and am looking forward to the launch of it.

    Just worried a bit right now that we are not seeing a lot of activity in the server and even from the team. In a way, one would think they are too busy with the background work, but there should be timely interactions with the holders, which is actually not a small number, sitting at around 1200.

    This list doesn’t end here. There are a lot more NFTs I hold, but to be honest, I am not sure what’s their plan going forward, and I just had to take an early entry, so I did, but I am not listing them here until I have something concrete to share about their goals, their plans, and how holders would be benefited. So, keep checking in later and bookmark this page!

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