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The Sprawl Game

Rockstar and Rovio veterans are developing The Sprawl, a GTA-inspired web3 game

Imagine GTA, and now add metaverse elements to it, in a virtual space made for real humans building their lives, earning a living, and interacting with each other – that’s what The Sprawl is all about. We are going to see a lot of web3 gaming in 2023, and games like Sprawl will be a good example of how game developers are clubbing elements to come up with the best.

The Sprawl is a seething mass of virtual humanity, everyone hustling to make a buck. It’s a living urban-virtual expanse of concrete and brick and steel. It’s a wasteland of hopes and a field of dreams. It’s a grand machine burning citizens for fuel. It’s a system of systems; a community of communities. It’s a wild democratic experiment in the MidWest of the metaverse.

About The Sprawl Game

It’s a city that is a web3 sandbox 3D city, a single shard that then gets divided into multiple districts, and each of these districts has a DAO that makes the laws and sets the taxes to govern them. There is no reset button for the players, so whatever is done in the game, stays done and persistence is what gives the game a real-life feel.

The players can navigate in the game by car or on foot. If you want, you can drive seamlessly from one end to the other, stopping only to fill the tank with gas. Gated communities, decaying industrial estates, uptown shopping, strip malls, boho enclaves, hipster districts, hillside mansions, suburban spread. If you see a place you like, and you can buy it, you can live in it.

Deputy Walter Sprawl

The player resides in a home in one of the districts, and the district is the neighborhood with a few hundred player homes around, and the activities done by the player, and work done collectively contributes to the economy of the district. A list of jobs, NFTs for those, cash, salary, and so much more is in the Sprawl for the users to live an alternate life on the metaverse.

Tokens and Tokenomics

The game would run with two tokens.

  • SPRL: a variable supply token
  • SPRLDAO: a fixed supply token

SPRL is the token that players earn by doing jobs and helping the community. It is paid out daily, and the salary is dependent on the job rank, and the maximum one can do is 3 different jobs per day. SPRL comes with some utilities including buying vehicles, servicing them, buying vehicle parts, and buying rare decor for homes.

The SPRL token is minted as it is earned. After an initial supply is provided for liquidity, the token burn will also happen for in-game purchases, so that the supply is controlled.

SPRLDAO is a fixed supply token used for in-game governance. This token is earned once a week, and for Player with a higher job rank will receive a bonus paid in this token. The SPRLDAO token comes with multiple utilities, which you can understand by checking the whitepaper of Sprawl where they have detailed it.

These tokens have a total supply of 500 million, and with each new district rolled out, 5% of the supply of SPRLDAO will be allocated to the Player Reward Pool.

The team behind Sprawl

Sprawl is being built by some of the industry veterans from Black Block Studios, and this group has worked earlier in Rockstar and Rovio.

  • Robin Squire, the CEO had previously worked as Director of Consumer Engagement and Marketing at Rovio and its publishing label Rovio Stars.
  • Paul Kurowski, the CPO has worked as the lead artist at Rockstar North, who was behind the development of the GTA game.
  • Stanislav Semakin, the CTO at Sprawl has worked as a backend developer at PlayRaven.
  • Matthew Wilson is the advisor and chairman here, and he has an experience as a former Rovio bizdev director.
  • The other team members that are named publicly include Scott McFarlane (Art Director), Gustaf Svenungsson (Game Developer), Eerik Hirvonen (Game Developer), Max R (Game Artist), and Igor Borovskiy (Web Developer).

Mint Details and Supply

The Sprawl City Pass

Sprawl is going to offer the first mint as a FREE supply, with a total of 2200 NFTs that will be up for minting to the ones who are whitelisted, and there are several whitelisting opportunities available for the ones who want to get a whitelist secured to play the game and be an early player. The first drop of 2200 NFTs is the City Passes. It will provide a priority whitelist for the Job Avatar NFTs, access to a special Discord channel, a Citizens forum, and whitelists from Sprawl partnerships and collaborations.

It will launch on Ethereum on December 22nd at 1 PM UTC. Join the Sprawl Discord server to learn more about the game, and try to secure a whitelist for yourself.

  • The Sprawl Website: Link
  • The Sprawl Medium: Link
  • The Sprawl Twitter: Link
  • The Sprawl Discord: Link
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