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Overworld Arena

Overworld Arena game launched with over $110k USDT prize pool and other rewards

Overworld, the RPG game from Xterio Games, a company backed by Binance Labs, has launched Overworld Arena, a free-to-play PFP Battler for Web3 Natives. Overworld Arena is a free-to-play, addictive, fast-paced mini-game where participants battle for their share of the spoils.

Overworld Arena Prize Pool

USDT prize pool starting at $110K USDT in value
1 Million MNCT
Xterio Ecosystem Rewards
50 Guaranteed WL Spots for Xterio’s future mint — Project Shadows

Overworld Arena will be open from Wednesday, June 5th to Friday, July 5th.

The USDT Grand Prize Pool grows with every ETH in-game purchase. While Overworld Arena is free-to-play, players can purchase Gems, the premium in-game currency, with ETH on Xterio Chain for stat rerolls, additional character creations, treasure hunts, and energy refills.

The best experience for Overworld Arena is on desktop. Mobile play is supported on Android and iOS, but the game developers have recommended that players utilize the in-app browser on the Metamask App. Mobile players should expect lower visual fidelity within the Metamask Browser.

Arena Coins determine player rank in Overworld Arena. The Grand Prize Pool will be distributed based on the final amount of Arena Coins held by each player once Overworld Arena has closed. Players start with 500 Arena Coins. More can be earned by logging in daily and by creating new characters, but the best way to earn is to win Battles!

Players would be able to create one character initially and to get more characters in the game, they would be able to create them by spending Gems that can be purchased within the game itself. If you want to play with the single character you created, that is possible too and it would depend on your luck and the character’s properties on whether you would win in the PvP games.

  • Dexterity, Strength, and Magic are the Base Character Stats
  • Character Stats can be randomly rerolled in exchange for Gems

Characters Tiers

  • Tier 1 (+8 Bonus Stat Points): Incarna — Corrupted and Ethereal
  • Tier 2 (+6 Bonus Stat Points): Incarna — Blue and Red
  • Tier 3 (+4 Bonus Stat Points): Incarna — Common
  • Tier 4 (+2 Bonus Stat Points): Partner NFT
  • Tier 5 (Base Stat Points): Standard Challenger

To purchase the premium in-game currency, Gems, players need to have ETH on Xterio Chain.

All the other details and also the guide for bridging ETH to the Xterio Chain are given in this link.

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