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NEOWIZ, Intella X and Aptos Foundation Form Strategic Gaming Ecosystem Partnership

NEOWIZ, Intella X and Aptos Foundation have announced a strategic ecosystem partnership to help boost the gaming ecosystem that Aptos Foundation is building. With this partnership, Aptos wants to help expand the Intella X ecosystem, welcome NEOWIZ and Intella X into the Aptos ecosystem, and grow the Web3 gaming ecosystem as a whole.

Through this collaboration, NEOWIZ, Intella X, and Aptos Foundation will engage in close cooperation to explore diverse avenues of partnership. These encompass technical evaluations and business advisory services aimed at facilitating the future expansion of the Intella X ecosystem. Additionally, the collaboration will involve the creation of a successful Web3 enterprise. This partnership announcement by Aptos serves to broaden its network of game developers in Korea.

This strategic partnership emphasizes the all-encompassing nature of our joint endeavors and our comprehensive approach to advancing the existing Web3 gaming landscape in South Korea and on a global scale. Building upon this foundation, our collaborative efforts represent a significant stride towards Intella X’s overarching goal of achieving widespread adoption of Web3 gaming. We eagerly anticipate our close collaboration with Aptos as we work to accelerate the progress and growth of the Intella X platform and its ecosystem.

Bashar Lazaar, head of Ecosystem and Grants at Aptos Foundation shared, “Through our shared passion and drive to empower pioneers around the world, Aptos is thrilled to embark on a journey with Intella X and Neowiz. This partnership showcases our ongoing commitment to usher in a new era of gaming, strengthened by web3,” and “With these seamless, fast and immersive experiences, we look forward to welcoming all gaming genres and communities into the decentralized era. “

Aptos Network has been pushing the narrative for Web3 gaming and they had published an explainer on why Aptos should be used for gaming, and the reasons include the following.

  • Unity SDK
  • Upgradeability
  • Move language easy for development
  • Block-STM parallel execution engine
  • AptosBFTv4 consensus mechanism

Source: Intella X | Aptos Network

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