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South Korean firm NHN to develop Crypto Games on the Sui blockchain

The gaming division of South Korean tech firm NHN has announced that they are building Crypto games on the Sui blockchain. The company announced a partnership with Mysten Labs for its entry into the web3 space.

NHN is the largest developer of social casino games in the APAC region through titles such as Hangame Poker. Across mobile, online, and desktop platforms, NHN’s games have registered over 37 million total users with titles including Friends Pop and Crusaders Quest. In the second quarter of 2023, NHN Gaming generated the equivalent of $80 million USD in revenue.

“Up to this point, there has been a lack of synergy between web3 and gaming,” said Ujin Chung, CEO of NHN Corporation. “That synergy will be driven by growth and sustainability, the kind of which is best served by the minds who honed this skill in web2, and have a proven track record of success in creating experiences that users enjoy. Through our partner selection process, Mysten Labs stood out to NHN for both their expertise as well as the innovative capabilities of Sui.”

“What excites me about building with NHN is what we’re beginning to refer to as ‘stickiness’ for users,” said Evan Cheng, CEO and co-founder of Mysten Labs.

“It’s a code web3, as a whole, has not managed to crack, with daily active users on the most popular chains barely topping 300K. At Mysten Labs, our mission is to bring the benefits of web3 to the masses, by the billions. Creating products that actually attract user volume is our utmost priority.”

South Korea is a home for game developers, and the country is the 4th largest market for gamers, with constant growth. NHN expects to launch its first web3 gaming projects in 2024.

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