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Aptos Arena

Aptos Arena Game Tips & Tricks, FAQ for new players | P2E Game on Aptos

Aptos Arena is a fun shooter game on the Aptos blockchain. The game has amassed huge numbers since its launch and has been quite addictive to those who have been doing amazingly well and scoring multiple kills in every game, but on the other side, for the newer players, there’s a learning curve.

Here’s an explainer about Aptos Arena, for those wondering how to play it.

Firstly, if you are new to Aptos and want to try this out, entering the Aptos ecosystem is easy. You will need the Petra wallet and then some APT from either CEX or you could use one of the several bridges to bring some funds to your Aptos wallet. Find all the resources you need on or

So, you’ve got Petra wallet installed and funds in it. What next? Follow the FAQ below and you will be all sorted.

To play, open

With this, you should understand that this game can be played on a website, and you don’t have to download it on your PC. It isn’t available for mobiles yet, so you can play from your Windows or Mac PC. It’s advisable to play with a mouse connected because aiming can be easily done with the mouse when compared to a trackpad on your laptop.

You will now see the option of connecting your wallet. Tap on that and sign to connect your wallet. Once you do that, the name on the top left will show as “null”. You can change that to your preferred name, and the Aptos balance will be shown as well.

Select the server based on your location, and then tap on “Play”. It would open the wallet for the transaction confirmation of 0.02 APT which is the spawn cost, and once confirmed, it goes into matchmaking.

I am spawning without a gun. How do I get a gun?

There are random loot crates that keep spawning in the game, so while you won’t be getting a gun as soon as you enter the game, once you see a loot crate, you will be able to open it and get the gun from it.

Aptos Arena Loot Crate

I am not able to open the loot crate or pick up a gun that is lying around on the map. Why?

In order to open the crate or to pick up a gun, you will have to stand on that circle that forms around it, and the circle completes in a couple of seconds, and only then does the box open, or the gun would be picked.

Okay, finally, I have a gun in my hand. How do I shoot?

The left mouse click is how you shoot. And on a Mac, if you are trying to play the game, remember that even if you have “tap to click” enabled, it might not work here and you might have to “press to click” and shoot.

Since we are speaking controls, you can use the WASD or the arrow keys combination to move around, and Space Bar is for rolling, which speeds you up to evade a fight or to get closer to the enemy for the shotgun kills, and you can press Q and E keys to switch between your weapons.

Aptos Arena Controls

If I am spawning without a gun, won’t someone with a gun instantly kill me?

No, they won’t be able to if you just spawned. You have a shield around you, i.e. the immunity shield for a few seconds and that should buy you enough time to roll around and find a gun to fight. It won’t work always, but that’s the fun part about games, right?

Some loot crates I opened didn’t have a gun. Is that a glitch?

No, I’ve noticed that some of the loot crates come with health packs and ammo for the guns. It’s not a glitch, it’s how the game is.

Are guns the only way to fight or there’s something I don’t know?

There is, of course. There are random barrels placed on the map. They come with a caution sign for you to easily recognize them. When an enemy is near to those barrels, shoot on the barrels and they explode, taking the enemy with them. Easy kill.

Are there any special tips that I can use to get better with the game?

Umm, learn what guns are available and what to use based on the situation. There are SMGs, Shotguns, and even Snipers. Based on the distance from the enemy, use the gun and don’t always run behind the enemy to take the battle because these games are all about third parties, someone will notice your fight and come take you down when you are low on HP.

Use covers and hide in the bushes if you want to be a bit passive in the game and not always active and fighting. Also, practice. The most important part of becoming a better player in a particular game is practicing. Sure, it costs 0.02 APT per spawn, but if you have enough skills already, only understanding the game is needed and you might end up taking multiple games in every game once you have practiced enough.

Learn from one of the players who’s played PC games at a competitive level..

I heard there are refunds being given for spawns and you can earn APT by getting kills. Is it true?

The second part is true. You spawn by paying 0.02 APT and for every kill you make in the game, you earn 0.018 APT. But the refund part is not true anymore. It was something that the game developers generously did with a pool of $10,000 but the game got hyped so much that the entire pool got used within 48 hours, so there are no refunds anymore, at least for now. They hinted they might bring back refunds later.

I have done a kill but it doesn’t show up on the kill feed or my kill count. What to do?

Based on the complaints that I have seen people having about the same issue, if you are sure you made a kill and it wasn’t someone else whose shot was registered, you should either wait for the activity to show up, or the team also mentioned that there is a visual bug that they are also acknowledging and sometimes, there are some kills not getting registered and they are trying to fix that.

I am getting a high ping, over 300 ms. What do I do?

Before you enter a match, there is a list of servers on the top right. Make sure you choose the server that is closest to you, i.e. Asia, Europe, or U.S. Even if you are on the same continent, e.g. you are in India and choose Asia, and see a high ping, try to connect from a different network to see if you have latency issues on your Internet connection. Last I heard, even the team is trying to fix some server issues to get better pings for players but still, most of the time, ping issues are attributed to the Internet connections.

I want to raise a concern about a player with some suspicious activity. How do I do it?

The team is pretty active and is taking any such concerns seriously, so you should go open a ticket on the Aptos Arena Discord server if you see any player that is playing a lot differently from what a normal player would do, you can report that by sharing some video recording, screen recording, etc. Here’s the link to their Discord.

If you have anything else to ask, shoot a comment below. I am not a part of the Aptos Arena team but I have played games in every genre and device category to understand that people feel lost at times, and need that support and guides to understand how to begin. I am on Twitter if you have anything to ask about the Aptos Arena game, NFTs, or gaming in general.

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