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Supervillain Labs Secures Funding from Aptos Labs and Neowiz’s Intella X

Supervillain Labs has successfully raised new funds from Aptos Labs and Neowiz’s Intella X. Aptos Labs and Intella X, a Web3 gaming initiative by Neowiz, have each made an equity investment in Supervillain Labs, a Web3 game studio. This investment round was co-led by Intella X and Aptos Labs, with additional support from leading global investors including Spartan Capital, Crit Ventures, Presto, and Planetarium Labs. It was a seed round of $4.5 million.

This strategic investment highlights Aptos Labs’ and Intella X’s confidence in the growth potential of Supervillain Labs and their commitment to developing high-quality blockchain-based games. The funds raised will facilitate a global Web3 gaming launch for Supervillain Labs, which is dedicated to a deep understanding of both gaming and Web3 markets, alongside its technical expertise in blockchain game development.

SupervLabs Funding

“We are delighted to continue our investment and partnership with Supervillain Labs, a team we’ve deeply respected since their inception,” said Christie Lee, head of Korean partnerships at Aptos Labs, in a statement. ”Supervillain Labs is actively fusing Web2 familiarity with Web3 innovation. In the process, the team is showcasing the cutting-edge capabilities of Aptos technology, and erasing the traditional boundaries of a gaming experience. This collaboration propels us towards a future where gaming and blockchain are indistinguishably linked.”

Focusing on a trust-centric approach within the Web3 space, the studio utilizes Aptos’ on-chain technology to transparently manage in-game items and provide fair rewards to its community of fans, gamers, and influencers. Supervillain Labs plans to release its internally developed Web3 game, Supervillain: Idle RPG, in the first half of this year.

Moreover, Intella X and Supervillain Labs are exploring further collaborations. Through their partnership, both parties will embark on joint gaming projects featuring the ERCC: Early Retired Cats Club non-fungible token (NFT) collection, as well as deeper collaboration within the Intella X ecosystem and the games developed by Supervillain Labs.

Jose Ko, CEO of Intella X, said in a statement, “We are excited about the unique dynamism Supervillain Labs brings to the blockchain ecosystem with this investment. We are currently reviewing further collaboration opportunities, with an aim to enhance the Web3 market’s accessibility and enjoyment for all users.”

Joseph Lee, CEO of Supervillain Labs, said in a statement, “At Supervillain Labs, we are dedicated to creating Web3 games on Aptos that emphasize the intrinsic fun of gaming while expanding what’s possible in new and exciting ways. With the leadership and support from Intella X and Aptos Labs, we are eager to introduce immersive experiences to the Web3 market.”Aptos Labs and Neowiz’s ‘Intella X’ Announce Equity Investment in Web3 Game Studio ‘Supervillain Labs’

These initiatives aim to enrich the Web3 ecosystem with innovative and engaging experiences, while promoting the growth of the Intella X ecosystem to drive mass adoption of Web3.

Recently, Supervillain Labs has also partnered with the leading community meme coin on Aptos, i.e. GUI INU, to explore synergies together and help push the ecosystem together on Aptos.

Source: VentureBeat

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