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How to buy GUI Token on Aptos? [Step-by-step Guide]

GUI is a community token, or a meme coin as they call it, on the Aptos blockchain. In this guide, we’ll talk about how one can purchase GUI tokens for themselves. Before we begin, here’s a small explainer of what GUI has done as a community token and what’s in the plans ahead.

About GUI Token

  • GUI has a holder count of over 30,000 wallets, thanks to the large airdrops done so far to both major ecosystems on Aptos – NFTs and DeFi
  • GUI has airdropped tokens worth more than $4 million, with a significant percentage of the total supply allocated to the community airdrops
  • GUI has onboarded dozens of artists and art pieces onto Aptos with auctions counting close to 1 billion GUI in prices in total
  • GUI is soon going to start the GUI Grant program to help fund some of the wisest and most practical ideas from developers on Aptos looking to build products
  • GUI has been integrated into Aptos protocols, including but not limited to Kana Labs, SwapGPT, and Pancakeswap, and soon will have liquidity on one of the biggest Dex platforms on Aptos, i.e., Thala Labs
  • Game integrations for GUI are already on products like Moonshot and SocialFi projects like Kade on Aptos.

GUI Website | GUI Medium | GUI Telegram | GUI Twitter

How to buy GUI Token

Let’s go step-by-step if you are new to Aptos and want to do the first-time formalities of setting up your wallet, bridging funds, and then proceeding to buy the tokens.

Setup an Aptos Wallet

If you are new to Aptos, here are the Aptos wallets you can use to setup your wallet, and load up APT to buy GUI.

Aptos Wallets

Bridge Funds to Aptos

Aptos has been one of the chains supported by Layerzero for the easiest bridging of funds from ETH mainnet, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Avalanche. When you are bridging ETH to Aptos, it enters the chain as WETH, which you can swap to Aptos using one of the DEX platforms, including Pancakeswap, Liquidswap, Thala, etc. You can bridge to Aptos using TheAptosBridge.

If you want to bridge to Aptos from other chains, including Solana, you can use Sideshift, which seems to be one of the most accessible options.

The easiest way to do this is to use centralized exchanges like Binance, MEXC, Bybit,, Kucoin, Coinbase, and others if you have an account there.

BUY GUI Token on Pancakeswap

GUI is available on one of the largest DEX platforms, i.e., Pancakeswap.

PancakeSwap GUI APT pair – Click here.

You don’t have to change anything with the slippage set at 0.5% by default.

Based on the wallet you are using, you might have to register GUI as a token. Following is the GUI contract address if you want to add it to the wallet. For Petra, it should automatically show up when you buy GUI.

Contract address of GUI: 0xe4ccb6d39136469f376242c31b34d10515c8eaaa38092f804db8e08a8f53c5b2::assets_v1::EchoCoin002

So, once you open the swap page on Pancakeswap, first you need to choose the Aptos wallet that you want to login with.

Pancakeswap Connect Aptos Wallet

Then, all you have to do is enter the amount of Aptos you want to swap for GUI, and it shows you the instant conversion of how much GUI you would be getting. Click on Swap and approve the transaction on your wallet transaction pop-up, and you will be done. Since this is Aptos, it takes just a second for the transaction to get approved, and the fee is usually less than 0.01 APT.

Pancakeswap GUI Buy

To check the current price and the chart, go to Dexscreener to do the trade analysis if you are good at that 😉

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