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Mercato launches on Aptos, an NFT aggregation platform that helps in better trading

Indexer has announced the launch of Mercato, the ultimate tool for NFT trading on Aptos. It is an NFT aggregator aimed at enhancing the trading experience and helping users make informed decisions while buying and selling NFTs.

Aptos has a plethora of options when it comes to marketplaces and the top market share is held by Topaz, but there are traders and listings scattered across the other marketplaces as well. Mercato helps aggregate all the data of NFTs across Aptos and traders can use this platform to trade NFTs, check their portfolio, profit and losses, and more.

Mercato AptoRobos

With Mercato, Aptos NFT traders would be able to check ecosystem-wide NFT activity, and there are leaderboards for collections, current floor prices, and volume changes over time. To give you an overview, here’s what you get on Mercato.

The homepage welcomes you with the Trending Collections and you can check that for certain time frames including 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and more. Below the Trending Collections are the sections that let the users know what’s hot, i.e. what is minting, what are the latest listings, and the most recent trades.

Collection Page

Mercato Collection Page

When you visit a collection page, there’s an information cluster that shows the floor price, top bid, volumes, and the number of sales in the past 24 hours. Also, the number of NFTs listed in the collection is shown in the same cluster. Now, here’s where things get interesting. Since you see listings from all marketplaces including Topaz, BlueMove, Souffl3, Seashrine, Portals, Okx, and Mobius, you don’t have to visit all of them to see if someone has listed NFTs of a particular trait you wanted to get for a good price.

If someone has placed a bid on a particular marketplace and you wanted to get some instant liquidity, you won’t have to jump onto different markets to see where the best bids are, because Mercato also has bids aggregated from all around.

While you can always look for the NFTs based on rarity, there is a way you can choose the top rarity percentage and set a price range in which you are looking to find the best NFTs from the particular collection. Attribute-based search is also possible if you are looking to join particular subDAOs of projects.

Mercato Collection Narrow Search

Also, since everything is on the blockchain, Mercato has taken Indexer’s advantage to let users check the collection activity not just for sales, listings, and bids, but also for transfers, mints, and staking of the NFTs in that collection.

Wallet Profile

This is one of the most valuable features of Mercato is personalized portfolio tracking where you get to know the entire history, overall profit and loss, realized and unrealized PnL, and you get a charted view of the entire portfolio change on a timely basis, to understand how is your trading activity and history.

Mercato Portfolio

For each NFT you hold, you can check the price at which you purchased it in the past, in both, APT and USDT values so that you can understand whether this is a good time to sell or you need to still hold on, and the USDT value based on when you bought and the current value is something you wouldn’t find on marketplaces.

Mercato NFT profit loss

Snype, another NFT aggregation tool was recently launched by Spooks Labs. It also was offering solutions for users to trade efficiently with its tool, and Mercato adds to the same list of tools, offering some extra features. If you haven’t tried using Mercato and you are into Aptos NFTs, it is worth giving a try because everything in a single place makes trading easier and efficient, giving the users every window of opportunity to buy NFTs for lesser price when you might be missing it out due to the number of marketplaces, and learn trading patters based on the charts.

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