More is an Aptos NFT data aggregator for pro NFT traders, with plethora of features

    Spooks, a developer project building on Aptos has released the first version of Snype, the tool for the aggregation of NFT data on the Aptos blockchain.

    Snype (accessible via is a web3 tool that is built for users to discover, analyze, and trade web3 assets, and since Snype is built on Aptos, what you see on the website is the aggregation of all the Aptos NFT collections with the on-chain data for users to understand what is happening with every collection, what it has been in the past, floor price charts, and a lot more.

    To give a quick overview of what Snype offers to a user, here is how you can understand the use case of Snype.

    • Snype helps understand the timely volumes of any Aptos NFT collection so that you get a general understanding of that against the on-chain volume of the entire market to have easier decision-making on whether to invest or not
    • Snype has a complete overview of particular wallets, including the activity of the transactions, buys, listings, and sells of any wallet, which makes it easy to track some of the smart wallets (the ones with higher asset holdings)
    • The tool has an activity tracker based on events like listing, delisting, sales, etc. and the user can also check for the activity on particular marketplaces they want to narrow it down to
    • Snype also gives an info on every NFT’s activity, the buys and sells in the past, and a perspective on whether the current sale is going to make the seller a profit or loss in terms of USD

    There are a lot of other features on Snype, and you’d be able to understand those when you use the platform. It is a free-to-use public tool for those who are into Aptos NFTs or are entering the Aptos NFT ecosystem for the first time and wanted to have aggregated data to make some informed decisions.

    NFT Collection Data

    Open a collection page and you would find the number of owners, and the number of listed, and the best part is, given that Spooks have been able to even track the staked NFTs, you would see the number of staked NFTs from a collection.

    Aptos NFT collection Price history

    The price history chart for each collection gives you the chart based on the floor price for every time frame you want, and that is similar to how you see the Cryptocurrency charts, which is shown in both, APT and USD values.

    For every collection, there are activity and sales timelines, where even if an NFT is staked, unstaked, listed, or sent to another address, will all be shown in those sections.

    NFT Collection Activity

    NFT Collection Sales

    There’s an Aptos Activity section that shows you all the transactions on the chain, and it would be interesting to see how the page runs when there will be hundreds of transactions every minute, but since this is still limited to NFTs, it’s good for the NFT pro traders.

    Ownership Snapshot

    This is a feature for the projects in case they are preparing for airdrops, collabs, whitelists, etc. You can search for any collection on Aptos and the Snapshot tool would show up the number of holders, and the number of NFTs each address holds, and to filter out, you could actually narrow it down to the list of wallets that have a particular trait. For example, there was a free mint from Pontem Network and it was making the mint possible for only the pirate trait on some of the top Aptos collections, and this tool would have made it possible in the easiest ways.

    Snype Ownership Snapshot

    The snapshot tool also lets you export the list in a text file, and you can have the list exported with the count added to it, and in case the NFTs are staked, you can include or ignore the staked based on how you prefer it.

    The Snype aggregator is in the Alpha stage, so you can expect some bugs, but you can give it a try to understand how things work, and when Aptos will have a lot more users and volumes, Snype is something that will be used more than marketplaces itself.

    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan founded Gizmo Times, after writing at a few other places, and though being a Dentist, he loves to stay connected to technology, and thus, Gizmo Times is here.

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