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HAPEBEAST could be the next blue-chip NFT project you shouldn’t miss

NFT collectibles in the Ethereum blockchain have seen some blue-chip ones including the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Mutant Apes, but what is launching this month could easily be the next big blue-chip NFT one might want to own. HAPEBEAST is bringing fashion to the metaverse as it brings over 8000 unique NFTs with the mint scheduled for later this month.

Developed by a London-based studio, Digimental, HAPEBEAST is the brainchild of London-based digital artist Matt Sypien. He brought together streetwear and apes to create this stunning and addictive collection one would want to own.

“We are the first in the space to truly be building a synergy between fashion and the Metaverse,” says HAPEBEAST. “Developing this project to be distinct in its visual form, we have been focusing on the detail of the art down to every garment, accessory, and cultural reference. Our goal is that by focusing on launching a unique project and building a community, HAPEBEAST will be able to make a seamless, harmonious blend of the Metaverse and real life.”

“The Metaverse is here to stay, and it is clear we are only in the early stages of digital assets, property, and currency that will continue to evolve and ultimately define the future. We built our project to be groundbreakers in this space at the unification of technology, fashion, and community.”

Take a look at the art that is being made in HAPEBEAST, you’d instantly fall in love with that and would want to own one, and the ownership here is probably the hardest part here. Now, for someone to get to mint one of the NFTs in the HAPEBEAST genesis collection, you need to be in the OG or in the Hapelist, and you can mint two and one NFTs respectively. The OG role is given to only the early backers but there are still some limited slots left for the Hapelist.

The HAPEBEAST mint is scheduled for January 19th, 2022, which is Digimental’s birthday. The mint is going to cost 0.2 ETH + gas for each NFT. The value is projected to go as good as where the Bored Apes are valued and that is expected to happen in a couple of months within the project launch.

As of writing this story, HAPEBEAST’s Discord server has a community consisting of over 476000 members.

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