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Canon Businesses Simple

Making businesses simple and seamless through automation

The world’s economy has become incredibly integrated. This can be attributed to the fast paced globalization, which has ensured that new and improved technologies are now well within reach, accelerating the facility of automation for businesses by removing technical obstacles. With an abundance of technology, it has become imperative to engage with a trusted brand which understands your business requirements and offers capable solutions to meet those requirements.

To stay abreast, businesses need to be innovative and keep up with the latest technological offerings to stay ahead of the curve. Canon, which has been ranked as the leading brand for copiers in Asia for 2018 as well as has No 1 Market Share in India for Q1 2019 as per IDC data, understands this necessity for businesses to gain competitive advantage through innovative technologies. Hence, it offers customized automation solutions that leverage Canon’s various imaging technologies to automate an organization’s business processes to make them streamlined. The solutions considerably boost productivity gains and improve how information is shared among all organization types.

Business Can Be Simple

Canon Business

Manual scanning or copying, hand written to-do lists, countless sticky notes – all great ways to get the job done, as an individual. But, when you look at an organization, these just act as clutter. If each employee is working with such extensive processes every day to complete tasks, valuable time gets wasted and productivity is hampered. An automated process gets the job done in a more streamlined manner.

With the very motto of “Business Can Be Simple”, Canon offers multiple solutions in terms of both hardware and software. Integrating its hardware portfolio of office and enterprise products comprising of copiers, scanners and projectors with print and document solutions, Canon has brought to the table a complete portfolio of office automation solutions for its customers. Such integrated solutions helps save businesses from the hassle of having multiple vendors on board from whom they purchase hardware and software that may or may not be compatible with each device.

Embracing a belief that reflects the company’s core principles, Canon aptly expresses the intention of positioning its products to complement enterprise systems.

Canon Business Productivity

Breaking the monotony

Solutions to scan and analyze paper documents and images have been available for many years now, but they still required a certain amount of manual intervention, weren’t very easy to use and the seamless integration with already functional software was very limited. Times have changed though, we now have access to fully automated, user friendly options that have upped the ante for organizations around the world.

Physical copy output has been steadily dropping and brands have found it necessary to adapt to the changing times. Canon for example has been offering solutions like the IRISPowerscan which helps capture, sort, index and export documents as fully searchable files, eliminating error and cutting costs, while in turn boosting productivity.

Fitting into the organization IT ecosystem

Apart from streamlining documentation and imaging, efficient file management is the growing need of the hour. Canon, for example, offers its ‘Therefore’ information management and workflow solution that allows easy retrieval, processing and approval of documents. Companies that have imaging expertise and a heritage to follow can look at the processes that their customers are utilizing from a complete end-to-end perspective. They automate the most intrinsic areas of the process – the most paper heavy and the most manual – and enable a paperless workflow business operation.

Canon Eliminate printouts

Ensuring robust data-security

Digitization ushered in by various Digital India programs has resulted in businesses and government organizations going paperless. Instead of lying in files of papers, organization’s information pertaining to business performance, employee identity, finance etc. is all digitally stored and is available in just a few clicks. Any lack of data security and policy enforcement can leave the organization’s confidential data vulnerable to cyber-threats. Hence, it is imperative for the companies to adopt solutions such as firewalls, data encryption and backup, so that data security can be ensured, and any data loss can be prevented.

Canon with its wide range of solutions endeavors to provide solutions that streamlines, automates and make business processes for an organization simpler. Thus, helping companies achieve productivity gains and business growth.

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