Vu Quantum Pixelight Smart LED TV launched in India

The famous Monitor and Television manufacturer Vu Technologies has launched the Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV which follows the Pixelight and PremiumSmart series of televisions

InFocus 24 to 60 inch LED TVs

InFocus partners with Flipkart to extend reach of its 24- to 60-inch LED TVs

After launching the LED TVs back in February 2016 with the partnership with Snapdeal, InFocus is now selling the TVs with screen sizes from 24-inch

InFocus LED TV

InFocus launches 24-inch to 60-inch LED TVs with “Free demo at Home” exclusively via. Snapdeal

Infocus has created a name for itself in the smartphone segment, the company has now entered into the TV domain with the launch of four


Differences between LCD TV and LED TV

Buying a Television is not like buying a smartphone which you will be upgrading regularly, as televisions will be used for years and as users,