Microsoft introduces Translator app for iOS and Android

    Microsoft has entered into another segment which Google was ruling, with their introduction of Microsoft translator app the company is taking on the Google Translate app. Microsoft released the Translator app on Thursday which is available for Android and iOS, it supports smartphones and tablets along with the Apple Watch, it will be supporting the smartwatches running on Android Wear OS, which is the Android OS for smartwatches.

    Microsoft is making sure that no segment is left out with the inclusion of the new app supporting all devices, with the Microsoft translator app for the handheld and wrist watches and the Translator in Bing websites for Laptops and Desktops. Microsoft Translator supports 50 languages at this point some of which are English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian and Hebrew.

    Microsoft Translator App

    In the Translator app, you can type or speak the word or phrase which you want to translate to any particular language included in the 50 languages supported as of now. The App will display the translated text on the screen and will also speak it out for you, this will help in proper pronunciation of the word or phrase. You can copy the translated text from the app to share it elsewhere.

    Microsoft has an edge over its rival Google Translate App in some aspects, it supports 50 languages whereas Google Translate app supports only 27 languages at present. Google Translate app is not available for smartwatches running on Android Wear, whereas Microsoft has launched the App for Android Wear OS as well and it also works on Apple Smartwatch. Google has one advantage as it provides the service of translating directly through your mobile camera, which is not yet included in Microsoft Translator.

    If you are an Apple watch user, you can speak directly to your watch and get instant translation, the translated phrase or word will be pronounced as well through your watch from any of the 50 different languages it supports. If you want to review your translations it will be synced to your phone directly.

    Spokesperson from Microsoft has said,

    Microsoft Translator for the Apple Watch and Android Wear watches is a brand new companion app built from scratch as part of the company’s research into translation for wearables.

    Microsoft has been in this territory from some time now, with their translator app for Windows Phone and Windows 10 desktop software along with the Bing website. There is Skype translator program which offered speech translation and will be becoming part of the Skype app itself.

    If you want to give it a try you can install the app from Apple App store for Apple users and Android Play Store for Android users. Microsoft has said that it will be including more languages to the existing 50 languages which are available now.

    Download Microsoft Translator for iOS
    Download Microsoft Translator for Android

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