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Best Sui Wallet Apps for Sui Blockchain – Google Chrome Extensions

Sui is the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in web3. It will be one of the best chains to launch after Aptos that had entered the Cryptocurrency market with huge hype. Sui is fast and can handle a heavy number of transactions at once, and there is so much one can do on Sui. But right now, Sui is on devnet and has yet to enter the testnet, before it finally goes into mainnet.

If you are enthusiastic about Sui and want to try how things are going here, you can install one of the Sui wallets and try it out. The following are the best options available right now for users.

Sui Wallet

This is the official wallet provided by Mysten Labs. The description also clearly mentions that you are using the wallet only for testing purposes right now, and this will anyway change later but this is the same wallet you will be able to use when Sui goes mainnet. You can use Sui Wallet to:

  • Create, import, and persistently store the mnemonics and the derived private key
  • Transfer coins and NFTs
  • See owned fungible tokens and NFTs
  • Display recent transactions
  • Go directly to the successful/failed transaction in the Sui Explorer
  • Connect to DApps and sign human-readable transactions from trusted DApps


This is an open-sourced wallet for Sui blockchain. The Suiet wallet is being developed at a good pace and it helps manage the funds on Sui blockchain, and you can not only create new wallets but also import the wallets if you have created one on any other extension. There are sections for checking your assets, NFTs, dApps, and there’s a section that lists all the transactions that happened through this wallet.

The wallet can be setup with TouchID as well. The Suiet wallet has the option of Faucet where the devnet funds can be requested in case you wanted to test the network by making transactions, or by minting NFTs as some of the projects are already trying out the mints on the devnet.


Ethos is your Sui wallet and home base for the best dApps, experiences, and NFTs. It comes as a single tool for dealing with crypto, NFTs, and dApps on the Sui blockchain. Ethos Wallet is open-sourced and your way to safely use and discover dApps on Sui and it is being developed to bring more features.

It isn’t as developed as Suiet for now, but Ethos as a wallet has been made universally for multiple cryptocurrencies so the team will surely develop and bring more stuff inside the wallet, as there is still a good time for Sui to go mainnet.


Calling itself as the the #1 wallet on SUI and APTOS Blockchain, Fewcha is a non-custodial Web3.0 wallet and also the first wallet developed for blockchain using Move Smart Contract. Fewcha Wallet allows users to transfer cryptocurrency freely between their wallet and DApps.

Fewcha also gives people access to create many wallets for asset management, track all the wallet transaction history, manage NFT collectibles, and set your in-app Name Service to shorten your address. Just like the other wallets, there is a section to access the dApps directly from the wallet itself.

These are the best ones that are recommended if you want to try out a Sui wallet for now, and we will keep updating the list if there are any good additions to be done. If you want to check out the best Aptos wallets, we have a list for that too.

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