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C-01 art

Warner Bros designer Gilberto Zaragoza launches C-01 NFT project with limited 8888 supply

The NFT world has seen some excellent art and some of them backed by super-good teams and plans for the future, but only a few stand out in them because of what is the most important part – the design itself. One of them in the recent times that has caught the attention of many is the C-01 project. What adds to that is the team behind it, lead by Gilberto Zaragoza.

C-01 is a project composed of 8,888 NFTs crafted by talented and expert designers and developers. We unified the most experienced people in the industry to deliver a remarkable, cutting-edge product. By merging the fashion industry with digital collectibles, we plan to become pioneers for the evolution of fashion in the metaverse.

When buying a C-01, you are not only owning a digital collectible but also gaining access to the forefront of evolution in the fashion industry in the metaverse. We are going to create exclusive digital collections with well-known clothing brands reserved for C-01 holders. Fashion brands around the world will benefit directly from our community and our knowledge in the NFT, metaverse, and decentralized space.

C-01 art details

Gilberto Zaragoza is the lead designer of the project. He’s a master sculptor and 3D concept artist and he is known for his work in the past 10 years, working with Warner Bros, Disney’s Marvel, Netflix, and Bandai. A couple of the recent runaway success projects where Gilberto worked include Avengers: Endgame and Love Death + Robots.

One of the team members, Luis Monteiro, has been known for his work in the clothing industry working with brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chloé. For the last two years, he has been dedicated to Louis Vuitton’s LVMH group, working alongside Virgil Abloh as stylist. In C-01, Luis would be helping in designing all the clothing, materials, and accessories for the collection.

To get further into the detailing part of the models in the NFT project, C-01 has Dr. Kevin Haddad, a famous French plastic surgeon, who with his expertise in the field, has helped in designing all of the face attributes across the 4 different ethnicities represented in C-01.

According to the plan shared by C-01 project,

We are already talking with several fashion brands around the world to collaborate and create an online and exclusive clothing line for our 3D models. The blockchain brings the decentralization and community around new digital initiatives, and we have the vision to keep it that way. That’s why we decided to split the revenue made with the fashion industry directly with our community and core holders. The money earned will be given to our holders in terms of tokens, exclusive branded NFT drops, and physical merch drops from all our fashion partners.

The NFT mint is going to happen on January 14th, with about 2000 Whitelisted community members able to mint two NFTs per user, and there is a public mint too to be done a day after that. The total supply of the NFTs is 8888, and these would be available to purchase on Opensea once the mint is completed.

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