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MetaPopit is a P2E game on Ethereum, centered around MetaPopit NFTs

The name, MetaPopit, means popping out from the rocks. That’s what leads to the inception of MetaPopits that are unique characters that a part of a Play-to-earn game getting released soon. MetaPopit is a play to earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain centered around MetaPopit NFT collectibles.

In this universe you can collect and trade your favorite characters, MetaPopit owners can earn tokens playing the MetaPopit game, a single-player escape room adventure. Competitively or for leisure, all the players can have fun playing the game and be rewarded for their time, taking advantage of the power of decentralized system and on chain ownership that blockchain technology brings.


These are some fluffy cute characters that work as the in-game characters and these would be a total of 6969 unique MetaPopit NFT characters in existence. Every one has different features, colors, and outfits, including their personalities. Each MetaPopit has different tastes, passions, and dreams. Inside the game, the task of the MetaPopits is to solve enigmas in order to complete a certain number of rooms, and the main power of these characters is the speed, with three categories, one of which would be available for every MetaPopit: fast, turbo, and supersonic.

The rewarding system in the game is unique, with the users not just earning NFTs but also getting rewarded for their time with $POPIT. Rank up your levels on the leaderboard and higher you rank, the higher is the value of your NFT. Apart from this, if you hold a MetaPopit NFT, you can purchase cosmetics for the MetaPopit to increase the value of the NFT.

MetaPopit Game Mechanics

  • The game mechanics are like a classic escape room experience: every level includes more than one room, the user has to escape all of them to clear the level and gain treasures.
  • Each room of the level will be from a different geographic area and time era.
  • One room can be in Ancient Egypt and the next one in a laboratory in 2072! The rooms combination will be randomly assigned to the player for each game level.
  • Besides the investigation, in each room typology, you could find collectible items that you can store and use to gain special advantages.
  • The player has to interact with the room and its components in order to find hints and objects. He will have to put all the information together to solve the enigmas that will lead him to find the next room key.

MetaPopit Tokenomics

The POPIT tokens have a total supply of 200,000,000.

MetaPopit Tokenomics

The MetaPopit team has a well-structured roadmap laid, where the NFT sale is the inception phase and towards the second and third quarters of 2022, there would be the 3D game release happening if all goes by the plan.

MetaPopit NFT Minting Details

The mint will officially happen on January 31st, 2022, for both Private and Public sale.

There are three whitelisted tiers – Fast, Turbo, and Supersonic. The pricing for the fast whitelist is 0.18ETH + Gas, while the Turbo members get a 10% discount per mint, while Supersonic gets 20% discount on the price, and each tier can mint up to 3 NFTs from their whitelisted wallet.

The pre-sale for whitelisted is at 12 a.m. UTC, while the public sale is at 6 p.m. UTC on the same day, with the mint price being the same as the pre-sale price.

The public sale is for wallets that are selected via a raffle. The announcement says: In order to give the same fair chance to mint to everyone and to reduce gas wars and potential losses for minters, we decided to organize a raffle. The Raffle will take place on January 30th, 2022, at 12 AM UTC. The registration is free but you will need at least 0.18 eth + gas fee available in your wallet to be eligible.

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