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XPhone is a Blockchain phone powered by Function X, to run independently of a carrier

A brand named Pundix has just unveiled its new smartphone called the XPhone which is said to be the first real Block Chain smartphone. It will be the very first smartphone to access the blockchain internet and the device runs a custom blockchain ecosystem called the Function X. The system uses a distributed ledger technology without having to deal with without any centralized service providers allowing users to send messages, make calls and even transmit data over the internet securely with end-to-end encryption. A node on the Function X blockchain can also provide multiple services to the distributed network.

The calls on the XPhone blockchain mode are routed through separate network nodes and this makes the XPhone the first of its kind to employ blockchain for telephony and data transmission. This takes blockchain to the telephony and data transmission possibility which is a major improvement and beyond the currently possible financial transfers. The XPhone runs on f(x) OS which is based and built upon Android 9 Pie.


The XPhone is backward compatible with the Android operating system and allows you to easily switch to Android on the fly to use your favorite Android applications. The launch of XPhone will be limited in its early stages and only 5000 XPhone’s will be produced and released for the public in late 2019. The brand seeks that instead of racing towards the 5G, 6G or other network technologies, they seek to create a world where the users have complete control over how the data is used.

While the XPhone specifications are not confirmed yet, the company has announced the minimum specifications that they plan to offer, the device will be powered by at least the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset and have 6GB RAM along with 64GB internal storage. Rest of the details are not available on the smartphone and we expect more details once the device is launched.

The XPhone will be unveiled at the MWC 2019 and a consumer launch is scheduled in late 2019.


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  1. XPhone – First Blockchain smartphone which works on custom blockchain ecosystem called FunctionX with separate network node for data transmission, seems to be so secure while other specs like SD660 with 6+64 combination seems good.

    #GizmoArmy #GizmoTimesatMWC #GizmoTimes

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