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Windows Error 800b0100

What is Windows Error 800b0100 and how to fix it

Have you recently tried formatting the C:/ drive of your Windows machine and while trying to install a new genuine copy of Windows encountered an error with Error code 800b0100?

Don’t worry, this Windows error is quite common when you try to do a new Windows software install and can be easily resolved as well. Basically, the error 800b0100 appears when there is an issue with the Windows update center of your PC.

Windows Error 800b0100

There are many reasons due to which you may be receiving this error while trying to install or even update the Windows copy on your machine. Some of the common reasons for the Windows error 800b0100 are:

  1. A corrupted file in the Windows Update center.
  2. Entry of corrupted or wrong registry keys.
  3. Firewall issue.
  4. Requirement of registration of .dll files.

The Windows error 800b0100 is not a big issue and can be easily resolved. And if you are unaware about how to fix the the Windows 800b0100 error on your PC, then today we are here with some simple tricks to avoid this error from popping up again while you update your Windows PC.

How to Fix the Windows Error 800b0100:

  1. Download, Install and Run the System Update Readiness Tool: There is an official tool created by Microsoft to remove the Windows Error 800b0100, and is called the System Update Readiness Tool. As this tool comes officially from Microsoft, it is highly recommended that you download and try this tool on your PC to resolve the issue before trying any other prescribed methods.
    It is also important to note that once you install and run this tool, it may take anywhere above 15 minutes to scan your PC and resolve any issues that may be causing this error. So please wait peacefully and let the tool complete the task.
    Also make sure that you download and install a copy of the System Update Readiness Tool  that is compatible with your Windows software version from the official Microsoft site only.
  2. Restore your PC: If the above solution does not work in helping you remove the Windows error 800b0100 from your PC, then the most recommended way is to backup all the existing data from your PC, and then to perform a complete system restore.
    To perform a complete system restore, Search for the term “System Restore” on your PC and type Enter. Once the System Restore Window pops up, read all the instructions and click on “Next” to proceed to restore your PC. In the next page that appears, choose a Resture Point and again click on “Next”. Finally, click on the “Finish” button to restore your PC.

I hope that the above mentioned methods helped you remove the Windows error 800b0100 from your PC and successfully update or install a new copy of the Microsoft Windows software.

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