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X-mini SUPA 2 with Remote

X-mini TWISX, X-mini CLICK 3 and X-mini SUPA 2 speakers unveiled at CES 2019

X-mini, the Audio accessories brand has announced three new speakers to add to their wide lineup, and these three speakers were unveiled at the CES 2019 event in Las Vegas. The X-mini TWISX, X-mini CLICK 3 and X-mini SUPA 2 are officially unveiled and they are in different price ranges, offering different sound experiences.

Hoong He Hin, Chief Executive Officer of X-mini, says: “This year, in line with our tagline ‘Beyond Sound’, X- mini aims to humanise technology, fusing technology and material for a unique sensorial sound experience. We want to deliver a holistic sound experience for music lovers, not only through audio, but also by invoking other senses like sight and touch. As such, we’ve included design details to help them enjoy seeing and touching our products, as well as hearing them. Our three new X-mini speakers deliver X-mini’s signature clear sound, and all in compact designs which make it easy for music lovers to enjoy their tunes anywhere.”

The X-mini TWISX weighs 383 grams and is a cylindrical shaped and it has the IPX5 certification for the water-resistance. It has a single swivel nub that can be rotated to skip to previous or next tracks, and pressed to pause or play the music. The speakers have a 12-watt triple driver system, which has two 50mm active drivers and a 50mm x 120mm passive radiator driver.

X-mini TWISX

The X-mini TWISX also has two pre-set EQ settings: Vocal and X.Bass. Boost X-mini’s signature clear sound by choosing the X.Bass EQ setting at a click of a button, or double-click the same button to activate True Wireless Stereo pairing. With its large 5,200mAh battery capacity, the X-mini TWISX offers up to 12 hours of music playtime. There is dual connectivity with both, Bluetooth 5.0 and 3.5mm AUX-in jack for the audio input, and the speaker offers a microphone for calling. The TWISX is priced at USD 59.90

The next is X-mini CLICK 3. Though this is a little speaker that can fit your palm, it still delivers a heavy sound with the 40mm drivers. The X-mini CLICK 3 is perfect for taking selfies: it’s designed with a camera-inspired shutter release button, just like traditional film cameras. Hold up the X-mini CLICK 3 and double-click the remote shutter to take pictures, and complete your selfie experience with an LED light burst effect, which mimics the flash burst of a camera.

X-mini CLICK 3

There’s a 400 mAh battery powering the speaker and it is said to be offering about 6 hours of battery life. The CLICK 3 is priced at USD 29.90.

The last one in the list is the most powerful one. The X-mini SUPA 2. This is a home stereo speaker and it is a 30-watt speaker and the first one from the company to have the six-driver system, which consists of four active drivers (two 58mm drivers and two 36mm drivers), and two 60mm by 120mm passive radiator drivers. The audio experience can be customised with the X-mini SUPA 2’s 3 preset EQs – Clarity, Vocal or X.Bass. Powered by a 5,200 mAh battery, the X-mini SUPA 2 offers up to 8 hours of playback time.

Just like the first one, the SUPA 2 offers both Bluetooth 5.0 as well as the Aux input for the audio, and it also has a microphone for calls. The X-mini SUPA 2 is priced at USD 159.90.

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