Google always tries to improve their search results and quality by pushing the needed timely updates, this time around Google is working with their review teams to flag content as offensive. With this update, the results based on racial, caste-based or gender offensive comments would be flagged under a new category called ‘upsetting-offensive.’

This new update would help in preventing such content that promotes hatred or violence against a section or gender, caste or other criteria. Though the flagging won’t help directly, it will enhance the system software so that the better content would get higher ranking which will push down the content which is inaccurate or questionable.

Google’s review team is working on a project known as “quality raters,” which have started scanning websites and content present and had added the ‘upsetting-offensive’ in its latest guidelines laid out for the quality raters.

Google’s 160-page guidelines provide a closer look at how Google ranks the quality of its search results. The new “upsetting-offensive” flag instructs the quality raters to flag all web results that contain upsetting or offensive content from the perspective of users in your locale, though the search results are satisfactory to the user. There have been several changes done in the Google search results to cater in the easiest way to the users and one of them include the snippets where some of the important information is shown to the users to keep them there and not reach the end result page, if there is only little to be asked by the user.


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