OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone maker who has made their presence felt with their flagship killer smartphones, may soon start selling their smartphones through carriers in the US. As of now, the company sells its flagship killers unlocked across the World, but that could change in future.

During an interview with PCMag, OnePlus’s CEO Pete Lau has hinted that the company was in discussions with US carriers. This new move from OnePlus could make the already affordable flagship, even more affordable. It could also help the company cement its position in the States as more people can get hold of the smartphone at a lower price than usual.

Although the company’s CEO did hint about the discussions, he hasn’t specified which carriers they are in talks with. Their latest flagship, the OnePlus 6, only supports AT&T and T-Mobile networks as of now. Other carriers like Sprint and Verizon aren’t supported by the smartphone as they operate on CDMA networks, while the OP6 operates only on GSM networks.

OnePlus has always garnered the attention of the younger audience who are technophiles, for quite a while now. If these discussions go as planned, OnePlus could become a household brand and soon compete with big-guns such as Apple & Samsung, who have been selling their phones through carriers for years now. Additionally, Pete Lau has also confirmed the news that OnePlus plans on producing their first 5G smartphone, by next year.



  • Nishant Sahai, Jul 1, 2018 @ 7:14 am Reply

    Good for one plus to incrrinc itshare in US telecom industry and fans will be excited to see launch of 5 G mobile by One Plus, thanks

  • Nishant Sahai, Jul 1, 2018 @ 7:30 am Reply

    Good for one plus to increase it share in US telecom industry and fans will be excited to see launch of 5 G mobile by One Plus, thanks

  • Swapnil Potdar, Jul 1, 2018 @ 8:01 am Reply

    Wow that’s so great OnePlus always my favourite #GizmoArmy

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