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CCA Lyra Review

CCA Lyra IEM Review – Good IEMs on a budget

The in-ear monitors are usually less preferred by regular users and more by musicians or some who monitor the audio for professional usage. It doesn’t mean the monitors shouldn’t be used by regular audiophiles or music listeners, but with the price at which they are usually available, most users wouldn’t want to put their money into buying IEMs when cheaper earphones are available in the market. The CCA Lyra in-ear monitors are one of the newly available in-ear monitors from a brand that is known more as a sister brand of KZ Audio. Priced at Rs. 1799, the CCA Lyra earphones are targeting not just the ones that love good audio but also the ones that are fond of what they use and wear.

Let’s start the review of CCA Lyra with the box contents. The small box of CCA Lyra contains a pair of Lyra IEMs, a flat cable with a 3.5mm plug, and the wire also has a microphone. The package also has ear tips of different sizes and there is an instruction manual provided as well. As for the technical side, the CCA Lyra has a dual magnetic 10mm single dynamic driver, there is a frequency response of 20Hz – 40kHz, a magnetic gap of 0.15mm that reduces the distortion rate, and 0.75mm gold-plated 2-pin connectors are present as well.

CCA Lyra

The design of the earphones is the first thing to notice, with that beautiful polycarbonate shell having a diamond-cut design, though it is flat and doesn’t have a real diamond-cut feel to it, with the looks, it does have an attraction to it. The ones we were sent for testing had the Blue (Sapphire Blue variant) color but the Crystal Clear option should be something to consider if you want to have a see-through design on your earphones, inspired by the Nothing Ear 1 earbuds.

While the design is quite good, the build quality isn’t really as good. It feels quite light and feels like the frame can get broken if it mistakenly goes under any pressure.

CCA Lyra Design

Now let’s get into the reason why the CCA Lyra should be actually considered for purchase. The audio quality. I am a regular music listener and not an expert to differentiate the audio points from a technical point of view. For me, the CCA Lyra is quite good with most of the genres and even with the music that has a high bass output. The high bass levels are well put through and you don’t feel that to be husky and people with a choice of hip-hop music will definitely enjoy the music.

For any average user who is planning to choose these as an upgrade from any sub-1000 Rs. earphones, this will surely feel like a good upgrade as the sound tones are punchy and they well differentiate the sounds coming out of different instruments, and even while on calls, I liked the sound quality.


The microphone of the Lyra earphones is decent enough with the caller on the other side easily able to listen to the call audio, but this doesn’t have a great placement when we talk about the same earphones being used during gaming, as the distance from the mouth is quite far and while gaming, the teammates have to deal with their own game sounds too, making it hard for them to listen to your calls unless you bring the mic closer for clearer audio input. The quality is not the issue, the placement of the microphone is.

Final Verdict

The CCA Lyra IEMs are comfortable, punchy, and a reliance pair of earphones that anyone can choose if they are fine paying that extra amount compared to similar ones that aren’t specifically IEMs yet offer a similar audio quality, but the technical work done here is actually better. These offer quite a good audio output but the issue I feel is with the build quality, as the Lyra will need some cautious usage.

CCA Lyra Box

Pros and Cons of CCA Lyra Earphones


  • Excellent Design
  • Good audio for the price
  • Microphone for calling and gaming
  • Comfortable for usage


  • Build quality
  • Microphone placement
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