Moto G5s Plus Issues, Hardware and software problems and Fixes

    Recently Motorola launched a slightly upgraded version of the already famous Moto G5 Plus with a dual camera setup called the Moto G5s Plus. The Moto G5s Plus comes with a dual lens camera and a design that is unmatched in its class. If you are looking for a budget smartphone which will remain updated for a few years and not give any performance issues for normal usage, then this phone might be one of the best options in the market right now. The Moto G5s Plus comes with Android 7.1.2 Nougat and will surely be updated to Android O in the near future and the chances are high that it will even get the Android P update given the 2-year update cycle that most of the Moto G series phones have been keeping up with.

    Although the device comes with very promising specifications everything about the device is not perfect and the device does have some shortcoming when it comes to the hardware and software performance of the device. Upon researching the forums of the device and talking about the device with the device owners, we did come across few basic issues that the device tends to possess, most of them are either minor or have an easy fix that we will talk about in this article.

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    For all the issues that we heard, we looked them up on the forums and the web and also used our own experience to find solutions to the problems. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most frequent problems being faced by the users and also the solutions for the same. In this article, we have given solutions to some of the problems with respect to the camera, network and audio issues to mention a few. Most of the common problems of the Motorola Moto G5s Plus have simple solutions and bug fixes.

    Huge drop in video quality while recording Slow Motion

    Users have reported a drop of 50% or sometimes more in the video quality while the device records in Slow Motion. Although it is a high difference in quality when you compare the regular video and the slow-motion video, the drop I quality is understandable as the device needs to capture the video at a much higher frame rate which results in a reduced resolution in order to facilitate the capture. The best solution to this problem is to avoid using the Slow-motion mode unless required, also slow-motion videos turn out even worse in low light conditions as the sensor captures very less light at the high capture rate and low lighting situations only make it more difficult.

    Depth Mode

    A few users have reported that the depth mode is still buggy and when you tap on an object to focus, the focus in instead shifted to a different location of the image. Also, post-capture depth processing has rendered a few issues and few users have even reported the loss of few images as they didn’t get saved while editing them. This is a software issue with the stock camera app and will most likely be fixed in the software updates if not yet resolved for all and there is hardly anything you can do about it other than using a third-party app to capture images.

    Sim randomly disappears

    One of the users reported in the Moto section of the Lenovo forum that he has been facing network issues with the Moto G5s Plus that he recently purchased. The sim card randomly tends to disappear, and the slot would read empty on the software causing lack of network over an extended period of usage. The user also reported that restarting the phone would temporarily solve the issue. The user also reported that the issue was mostly solved after he contacted his Carrier and was notified that his data was not enabled from their end which resulted in the phone getting confused and not reacting as it was meant to be.

    Charging Issue

    Another user on the Moto forum reported that his device became unresponsive when connected to a charger. The device appeared to become tediously slow and unusable when it was connected to a wall outlet for charging. While some people have reported this as a hardware issue with the motherboard and have claimed that sending the device for a repair to the service center solved the issue for them. While this might be the case for a few defective devices, it might also be because of an abrupt switching from the power saving mode to the regular mode. In the power saving mode, the processing ability of the device is constrained in order to save some of the resources for later, an abrupt shift from the power save mode to the regular mode as a result of being connected to the charger might render the device unresponsive for a short duration. You might also consider checking the background apps and restarting the device if the device tends to remain unresponsive for long durations while being connected to the charger or not.

    Random Restarts

    A few users on the forum have reported the random restarting issue of the device wherein the device tends to restart randomly even when not being used. The user has also reported the device to restart when the device was in his pocket, this might be a result of either of the two problems. When the RAM memory of the device gets filled up, the device tends to restart to clean up some of the garbage memory for optimum usage of the available resources. This is a normal thing and might be beneficial for the overall performance of the device and can be avoided by making sure that not many heavy apps rest in the background tasks section of the device. Also, a Motorola representative has suggested that it could be because of battery calibration issues and has suggested the users re-calibrate the battery of the device. This can be done by rebooting the phone while holding the power button and then plugging in the charger to charge the device to a 100% and leaving the device connected to the charger for at least an hour after the device is charged.

    Wi-Fi connectivity issues

    While looking for network related problems of the device on the forums we came across a thread where a user reported a Wi-Fi connection issue as his device couldn’t find his Wi-Fi network while rest of the devices in his house were connecting to it without any issues.There are three possible solutions for this problem, while only one of them involves fiddling with the phone itself, the other two involves checking with the router.

    First, log in to the settings page of the Wi-Fi router and check whether the Wi-Fi broadcasting channel is set to auto, if the Broadcasting channel shows some other integer rather than showing Auto, we recommend that you set it to auto and let the Router do the setup.

    Also, it is very much possible that while setting up the router you might have turned off Wireless Broadcasting accidentally when this happens the name of the Wi-Fi router is not broadcasted and only connected devices get access to it. This might be another reason for you not to find your router in the Wi-Fi settings of the new device, to solve this issue login to the Wi-Fi settings using an already connected device or via the ethernet cable and then make sure that Wireless broadcasting is enabled.

    Once you’ve checked these two likely problems on the router end if the issue still persists then the problem is mostly with the device itself. Go to the Wi-Fi settings and make sure that the Wi-Fi frequency band is set to automatic and also perform a network reset. After the network reset all the paired Bluetooth devices will be unpaired and all the Wi-Fi connections will be forgotten, and you can reconfigure all the devices.

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