IPL 2018

How to watch IPL 2018 Live Stream on TV, Smartphone, PC (different regions)

Indian Premier League (IPL), being one of the most popular cricket tournaments, has viewers from all around the globe- at least those who closely follow


Airtel to deploy Massive MIMO Pre-5G tech during all IPL 2018 matches

Airtel is going to deploy Massive MIMO Pre-5G technology during the IPL 2018 matches across different venues, for the users to enjoy high-speed Internet without


Exclusive: Jio to deploy Pre-5G Massive MIMO for high-speed Internet in IPL

Jio is said to be deploying the massive MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology based on 4G to provide high-speed Internet access to the users during

IPL Live Apps for Android

Best Android Apps for the IPL 2017 – Live Streaming and Live Scores

Here in India, people show their immense love towards Cricket and follow all the fixtures throughout the year. But, the summer when the IPL season

IPL 2016 on Smartphone

Best ways to Follow IPL 2016 using your Smartphone

The IPL 2016 season has begun, and I’m sure you might be like several others who might not be getting the luxury of watching the