Jio is said to be deploying the massive MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology based on 4G to provide high-speed Internet access to the users during IPL matches in Delhi and Mumbai stadiums. The stadiums of IPL matches will be connected with Pre-5G massive MIMO units to provide fast speed to the users.

It is said that the massive MIMO units will be able to provide more than 5 times the capacity in a 30 MHz wide band spectrum in these high user density venues. This advanced pre-5G deployment will take forward and offer better speeds than the regular 4G speeds.

The Jio users in Mumbai and Delhi stadiums will be connected with an array of high-speed wireless broadband solutions ranging from Massive MIMO, 4G eNodeBs, hundreds of Wi-Fi and small cells to provide seamless super fast high speed user experience.

To give you a quick idea of what MIMO is, this essentially deploys many antennas at both, the source and the destination. This leads to a better efficiency and a much lesser chance of error in the network. What Jio here is offering is Massive MIMO that is going to use the same MIMO technology and will be multiplying it by hundreds, which means that there will be thousands of antennae and destinations. The efficiency of the network becomes better and there is better focusing of the transmission of the signals.

The Massive MIMO is going to be used and it should also be a trial run if not just for the benefit of the users who will enjoy the matches to be held in the Mumbai and Delhi stadiums.


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