Jio Prime subscription, recharges and deactivation – What you need to know

    There’s been a lot of confusion around the Jio Prime membership, the subscription charges and the monthly recharges because of the assumptions made by the consumers themselves about the situations that could arise. One of the question that several users had in mind was about the deactivation of the Jio Prime or SIM services if the monthly recharges weren’t done. Let’s clear the air about it. We had a talk with one of the Jio officials and got the following information.

    Let us assume that you have paid Rs. 99 to enroll in the Jio Prime membership. Now, if you have paid for it, you are a Prime member till 31st of March, 2018. For 12 months, your Prime membership will remain active, only if you are recharging every month.

    The situation is different for Prepaid and Postpaid customers, though. The postpaid consumers will have to choose one of the available Jio Prime plans and they will receive a bill of the same, every month. Prepaid users will be able to recharge with one of the Jio Prime plans and the recharge with one of the plans has to be done every month.

    If you fail to recharge within the completion of the current month, you are given a grace period of 30 days from the end of the current month. You can recharge again within that grace period to retain the Prime membership, failing which, you won’t be able to get any Jio Prime benefits later. Once the grace period ends, your SIM will still be active for another 60 days but your next recharge would be of a normal SIM and not a Prime membership. For example, if you are getting 1GB per day on Rs. 303 plan of Jio Prime membership, you will get half of it as a normal member and this will happen if you fail to recharge within the time given.

    Will my SIM be deactivated if I don’t recharge with Jio Prime plan?

    You are going to get a three-month grace period for the SIM usage and recharge. Keep Prime membership aside, you will have to do a minimum recharge of Rs. 19 to keep the SIM card active, because even if the Prime membership ends, you will have to do the basic recharge to keep your number functioning. If you don’t recharge for a minimum of three months, the Jio number ceases to exist and you won’t be able to get even incoming calls on your number after that.

    Chetan Bhawani
    Chetan Bhawani
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