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Best cases for iPhone 12 Pro

Best iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Cases and Covers you can buy

It’s been a few weeks since Apple has launched its new iPhone 12 Series, which is one of the best phones one can buy right now. Well, being the best thing does come at a premium price while purchase and you would want to take really good care of your new expensive iPhone. For your best device, you would definitely like to pick the best case for protection. Out of hundreds of cases available in the ocean of accessories for iPhones, we make your easier by taking a mug out of the ocean with the best cases that you can buy for your latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

All cases are inter-compatible with the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro as they have the same design and size. Both the devices have the same body making all accessories cross-compatible between them.

Spigen Liquid Air Back Cover – Matte Black

Spigen Liquid Air Back Cover Case Designed for iPhone 12

This case comes from the most reputed manufacture of phone cases – Spigen. The Spigen Liquid Air Case is a thin, rubberized case that comes with a textured matte design. The case has Air Cushion Technology that will protect your device from drops and falls where it creates small pockets of air between the device and the case, creating an impact-absorbing cushion. The edges around the camera and the screen are raised giving a protection ring for your iPhone when you place it on any last surface. The case has a thin form factor and fits without adding additional bulk to the device.

Urban Armor Gear UAG – Rugged Case

The Urban Armor Gear Case comes in a Rugged Design with Military Standards as the case is tested for MIL-STD 810G 516.6 grade drop tests. The case has 5 layers for shock-absorption and has a small ridge running along with the screen that will protect the screen of your device when you place it facing down. This is a very bulky case but provides equally good protection. The edges of the case are significantly thickened for solid protection against falls, this case is a very good choice for people with butterfingers who keep dropping their devices frequently.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Case with Built-in Card Holder

This case by SUPCASE is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to provide better protection during falls. The back of the case comes with a carbon-fiber texture and a cardholder built-in. The case can hold multiple cards that will come really hand to store your cash cards or business cards to occupy less space in your pockets. The corners of the case are thicker as compared to the edges for better shock-absorption during an impact.

Caseology Skyfall Case for iPhone 12

Caseology Skyfall iPhone 12 Case

This case comes with a hybrid-transparent design where the rim of the case is made from protective plastic whereas the back is completely transparent that retains the view of your iPhone. The case has raised bezels to protect your screen and back cameras from scratches. The transparent back comes with a gloss finish that protects your device from getting scratched. The case overall is very thin and will stick to your device without adding any significant weight.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crytsal Clear Case

This case again comes from Spigen and features a completely transparent design. The bezels of the case are made out of rigid TPU to protect your device from drops, while still retaining the see-through finish. The rim of the case towards the screen of the device will grip the edges of the case strongly to the case, making it a strong fit. The cutouts for the charging ports are larger and accurate and the buttons come with a tactile feedback design while being easier to press at the same time.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Clear Flexible Case

This is the flexible model of the same transparent case by Spigen we mentioned above. It retains the transparent finish throughout and the flexibility will make the application of the case easier. This case is an ideal choice for those who frequently remove their cases at home and put them on again while going outdoors.

RAEGR Shield by ESR – RG20605

The RAEGR Shield by ESR comes with a soft leather finish, and the leather used here is vegan leather made from synthetic materials. The case has microfibre clothing inside for protection that will protect the back of your iPhone from scratches. It is available in multiple colors and has a slightly raised rim for the camera module. The raised edges have a shiny rose-gold color for the camera edges and the buttons giving a refined look.

Trueupgrade Silicone Case

This silicone case comes with a rubberized finish providing a better grip for your iPhone. This case has raised edges for both the camera module and the screen that will protect your device in both ways – when you place it facing down or the opposite way around. It also has a slot for attaching a carrying cable to your iPhone. The case is very thin and does not add much bulk to your device. It is very flexible making application and removal of the case easier.

Spigen 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is actually a screen protector that we thought of a worthy mention in this list. The special thing about this screen protector is that it comes with an Installation Kit that helps in accurate alignment of the screen protector while applying it. The Installation Kit comes with the screen protector in the package along with one dry wipe and a wet wipe and a microfiber cloth. The screen protector is toughened for 9H Hardness and comes with an Oleophobic coating for preventing retainment of fingerprints.

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