Logitech has launched two new keyboards, Logitech MK235 Wireless Devanagari Keyboard-Mouse Combo and Logitech K120 Devanagari Wired Keyboard. As their name suggests, the two keyboards are aimed towards Hindi speakers and come with Hindi imprinted on the keycaps. The keyboards are company’s first ever Hindi keyboards that are launched under the DigiBharath campaign; a part of Digital India initiative.

With over 40-crore Hindi speakers in India, according to 2001 census data, the company aims to break the barriers between language and technology and with the new initiative. The K120 keyboard is a standard wired keyboard, while the MK235 is a wireless keyboard & mouse combo. Both the keyboards are similar to their English counterparts.

For compatibility, the MK235 Wireless Hindi Keyboard Mouse combo will be able to connect to any device running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Chrome OS as well, using the supplied Logitech Unifying receiver. The keyboard mouse combo has 10 meters/ 33 feet range and is powered by 2 AAA batteries for the keyboard while the mouse uses 1 AA battery. The mouse weighs 70.5 gms while the keyboard weighs 425 gms without the 2 AAA batteries. The mouse can be turned off using the On/Off switch.

We are proud and honoured to initiate [email protected]भारत campaign and taking ahead the Digital India mission, which will help bridge the digital divide in the country. At Logitech, we strongly believe that language should not be a barrier in the use and adoption of latest technology. Our objective is to promote local language as powerful medium for the consumers to interact and engage in their preferred choice of language. We are proud to launch the new Logitech® MK235 Wireless Devanagari Keyboard Combo, as well as wired Devanagari keyboard K120 to cater to the unique needs of Indian consumers across multiple markets. We believe that by adding the ability to select languages in their keyboard, we will further help break down the wide language gap and allow millions of new adopters to join the Digital India movement.

says Sumanta Datta, Managing Director, India and SWA, Logitech Asia Pacific.

As for the pricing, warranty, and availability of the two keyboards, the Logitech K120 Wired Hindi Keyboard is priced at Rs. 695, while the MK235 Wireless will cost you Rs. 1,995. The Logitech K120 comes with 3 years of warranty and the MK235 comes with just 1 year of warranty. Both the keyboards can be purchased through retailers and will be sold online via Amazon.in, starting from April 15.


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    Good initiative

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