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Super Mario Run Android

Download Super Mario Run APK for Android – Official game download

The Super Mario Run game for Android is now available for download and it should show up on the Google Play store within a few hours while we write this, but Apkmirror has been too good and quick to upload the first APK of the game if you are interested in installing and playing it already.

The super game from Nintendo was first made available for the iOS devices, which is a rarity but that happened when the makers were on the stage of an Apple event announcing it and then the Android users had to wait for a good time before seeing it available finally.

It is the Super Mario Run 2.0.0 version that is running perfectly on the Moto G5 Plus smartphone that we tried it on, already. Some info about the game APK is as follows.

  • Version: 2.0.0 (2001)
  • Package:
  • Min: Android 4.2
  • Size: 61.76 MB

Some users who have Lineage OS installed on their phone are complaining that the game is shutting down after the welcome screen. Google Play Store currently is still showing the status as “Registered” for the users who have registered for it to show up first when it arrives, but the APK is already available and you can install and enjoy the game.

Super Mario Run

Users who are getting an error are not just with Lineage OS, but some have the Samsung phones with Exynos chipset. It could also be because the APK for the ARM64 package is not yet available and that might be needed on these devices.

Download Super Mario Run APK for Android from the following link and try installing it. Do let us know if you had any issue while running the app or playing. One of the known errors is the “804-6200”, which is only when you don’t have a proper Internet connectivity, indicating that you would be needing the Internet while playing the game. Some other users have said that they are getting the Error 801-5100, which is after the tutorial completion, and we don’t know the reason or fix for the same.

Download Super Mario Run APK for Android – Link.

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  1. Having the Error 801-5100 problem. The app starts, and i can play until i leave the app, or displaytimeout.

    Anyway, I found a temporary fix:
    Force close app & delete cache and app data.
    After restarting and download of the needed files it works again for some time

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